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Spying on all the fear

Behind the windows
the trees sway calmly x2
like seaweeds
under sleeping waters,
and the greenness going to and fro
calms me down
and gives me hope.

Their coloured leaves
fan the air slowly
and their sound
silences the mixed noises
that the overwhelmed city
sends forth.

The large and simple room
gives me shelter,
protecting with its serene whiteness
the repose of my ill body,
and t time that goes by
peeks through the branches
spying on all the fear
that my gaze has.

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What can happen when turning a corner?

Do you know?
Today I met my double

We ran
into each other
when turning
a corner
no umbrella
in the rain

We look at us
for a second
with a point of fear
in our eyes

Was she me?
was I she?

but followed our way
may be scaping
from the same

Perhaps she was coming
from where I was going

Brief encounter without words
mirror that does not break
when crossing its sides like this

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Chasing Ghosts and other Friends

I wape up
in the night
and I listen
to the silence

while the darknesss softens
as the hours pass
and life dawns

My cats play in the hallway
chasing ghosts and other friends

Everything is contrast
between black and white

Fading shadows
in the reality
of your memory

oh mummy oh mummy

I caress the pillow
to shelter me
in its so warm heat
and tears
they release the pain
that these days give me

oh mummy oh mumyy

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DV Mark Little Jazz - Gibson Jazz Guitars Comparison - Gibson L4 vs Gibson 335 - Lullaby of Birland by George Shearing



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The dark in which I hide

The phone vibrates
on the table
its silent mode
does not prevent the incomng call

I see the screen
that lights up
in the dark
in which I hide

I know it`s him him hi
but I I I
I am no longer me

I am a parenthesis
of myself
a space
between before and now
empty and alien
to cause and effect

The phone vibrates
on thte table
its silent mode
does not prevent the incoming call

but I am far
eventhough I am close
out of reach of his voice
and his kisses

in my nest of dreaming
at the mercy of a gentle wind