Ok so i like the stuff judge jules plays................



but what CD's are out like it?, i like stuff like pvd, motorcycle,matt darey,lost tribe etc :D
Not really my taste but I think the Ministry of Sound annual or their summer anthems one has a few of those tunes on mate! There should be loads of JJ or PVD sets on soulseek, give em a spin! ;)
yea got that ministry of sound, not all that much trance on there tho
As you like judge jules have you got this cd?

its actually been released in all the music shops in this country as well.


1. Satisfaction - Benny Benassi [Isak Original]

2. Talk About It - Laurent Pautrat

3. In The Park - VPL

4. Revolution - DJ Dero [Robbie Rivera Bangin' Remix]

5. Get It On - Moguai

6. No Sleep - Electro-Headz

7. Music Is Life - Dirt Devils

8. Hellium - Dallas Superstar

9. 008 - DK

10. Dogzilla - Dogzilla [Mistress Babrbara Remix]

11. Pure Devotion - Freeloader [Tukan F&W Remix]

12. Saxuality - Hi-Gate

13. So Damn Beautiful - Polaroid [Dogzilla Remix]

14. Let It Rain - 4 Strings

15. The Wilderness - Jurgen Vries
Have you tried your local Tesco ?? They stock a wide selection of 'quality' CD's and they have an excellent counter selling everything from Gorgonzola to Parmesan.
Yeah thats a good tune!!

Most of the Gods albums are 3 cd's.......good value! Got the most recent one on in my car just now. Has Motorcycle on the second cd
Also got a Cream cd in my car....red one from around 2000

Good cd......last tune on cd 2 'Love will come' Think Jan Jonson(sp!) is singing on it. Quality :p
Jan Johnston's - Flesh - QUALITY TUNE!!

Loved that Skydive as well!

I used to run a Jan Johnstone site on the net! Closed down now tho :(
aint heard from her in a while. after her album she went quiet. She was much better as a guest vocal. wonder if she's still on perfecto?