Am thinking about buying my own little cozy place in Eivissa, maybe next year. Been surfing the net, trying to get info of bars/warm-up cafés for sale - but none appear, or at least none i´m interested in.

Could someone please let me know how it´s done, is it hard work ?(obviously...but elaborate, please!), where can I find available properties and so on........

Kind regards
Buy a property in Ibiza

Hello Ibizagirl,

I've just bought a house in Ibiza all the way from Jersey last year, I went through internet search (mostly ibiza-spotlight) on estate agents. Anyway, I bought my house from Jean Francois Escale @ houseland, he has been on the lsland for many years and knows a lot of influent people. Also he used to own a piano bar in town so he sohuld be ideal to put you in the right direction.


Good luck!!
Hi again!

Stephen, Moderator thank you so much for your help. Ill get in contact with this person you recommended, and Ill see......invite you guys over for free beer and drinks, ay´? .-) :eek:
Celine, contact me!

Celine, is it possible that you could email me? I need more info, and if you have the time to explain to me how you worked your finances out, I would be happy. linneamalta@hotmail.com

Ibizagirl! :rolleyes:
Celine, sounds like you've got the right idea!! Me and the missus are also looking to leave the wintry northern-European climate behind and "retire" down to Ibiza to open up a bar/restaurant in the next year or two. It'll be interesting if you can keep us updated of how you get along by posting on the forum every now and then.

And as a word of advice: We bought a little casita in Ibiza last year and the biggest thing you are going to need is: Patience... And tonnes of it! Bureaucracy moves at a snail's pace in Ibiza, so grab hold of a chill-pill and leave yourself pleeeennnnty of breathing room to get things done. Oh, and knowing the right people (or the friends, second-cousins or the butcher of the right people) can make all the difference.

Good luck

House in Ibiza

Hi Mart,

Thank you for you message, fortunately, we know a lot of peeps on the islands, from all sort of areas, which helped us a lot in the buying and sorting all the paperwork out there....
We have a few good friends who have been owners there for years and they are full of advices and recommendation. Let us know if you need any help.
So far, we have been sailing nice and easy, our next big job will be to get the main electricity brought up to the neighbourhood....and yes we have patience, ...we have been warned....Have just cpmew back 2 weeks ago, and looking forward to go again very shortly...
Buying Property

I have just purchased a property from a company called global estates..they have a few developments in Ibiza happening right now.
Try www.global-estates.org or contact me for further info
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