Oh My Lord - do you guys google yourself?


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Just been chatting with a Manager from work who is dealing with one of my Senior Execs and randomly got on to talking about some football related incident and I happened to mention Phil being an Evertonian and he said "oh is that the husband who slapped you across the face with a dirty ashtray rag ?"

I was like WTF - how did you know that and he said "I couldnt remember your full name when I needed to contact you so I googled "sounds like" your name and that came up on a FB page along with some hotel reviews you did for Ibiza and other things..."

I never thought to google myself before - just done it - :confused: I thought only slebs needed to google themself :lol::lol::lol::lol:
Very happy I have a relatively common name.

Unless you add more words to narrow it down, you're just going to get a Canadian musician or British MP :lol:
Afraid to admit that I do, regularly.
But only to check who (if anyone !) is playing any of my stuff.
And who's nicking it, of course.
I remeber back in the day when google was just another search engine, when I searched my name my criminal record (in spain) came up :eek: and the page from work with my contact details on.

Now it throws up tonnes of people with my name, either Bebo, faceache, or myspace pages. Plus the odd spotlight page :lol:
yes and there are a number of imposters :twisted:

You tried an image search :lol: This is you my friend :lol:

or your mumbai brother ??

I feel kind of "stalked" still its better than being "ignored" I guess..... :lol::lol::lol:

And you Steph

and :lol: