• Pepe Roselló announces the opening of a new Space •


First part of the interview with Pepe Roselló in which he announces the opening of a new Space in Ibiza before 2022...



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More interesting than his last half a dozen.
Did Matutes "steal Armin?" He only spent a solitary season at Space before moving to Privilege, right? Or did something happen behind closed doors in later years?


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New Location ? New building ? Renamed Location ? PdB? San An ? Anywhere ?
Will be a interesting issue


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it opens before 2022 but not this season? the only way that reconciles is that it opens in the fall, correct???


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Looks as if he regards opening Space in the old Heart - venue as his ideal plan. That venue could never be a proper Space experience for me. But better than nothing I guess ..


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Space is dead.
Think You might be right.. If old Space really was the big daddy, the golden goose, the oil well of clubs, it would have been up and running at a new venue at a different location from the getgo. Although I loved the place and carry the memories, sometimes a good place for clubbers is not a good place for owners. We generally like a nice unpacked dancefloor😄😄


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Ku is not existing anymore , El Divino , too. Also Extasis , Festival Club and so many others.
Its normal in this business. Something new will coming.


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I think if Space is back ,it's necessary to have an interior and an exterior club to get the same experience of old Space Day & Night.

After a Space on Marina Botafoch would be great. No need taxi, no need bus ...... Drink your cocktail on the port, make a restaurant, drink another cocktail and go to walking to Space :)


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yes for me Space was great when you fell out of a club at 7am sunday morning then rolled into the outside terrace at Space....and watched the planes fly over...

Well if it was at the “Heart venue”, instead of watching planes, you could sit on the roof terrace and watch the Ferraris and the Porsches go in and out of the Marina. You can marvel at just how the new Space is so egalitarian, anti-VIP and down to Earth and unpretentious...