NYE/NYD - the elsewhere but Ibiza thread


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NYE gets a lot of slack, for mostly legitimate reasons in my opinion, but seems that there are a few gems happening in London.

Percolate are stacking the talent at E1: Eris Drew, Hunee, Hammer, Joy O, Midland, Willow and more

Then Andrew Weatherall is playing a 5-hour set at Mick's Garage in Hackney

Two great options there imo


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NOTHING announced up here yet for either as far as i know. Unless its going to someones house i’ve started to think nye is a waste of time!


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Home with a bottle or two of Red. The one night of the year i've never really entertained.

We use to make efforts for NYD raving, when the likes of Lokee was doing it's thing in sweaty London warehouses. Not anymore. I blame age.
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Seems there’s never any hard house or trance on NYE anymore. Last one I can remember was Ferry at Brixton Academy around 2014. There is though Trance Sanctuary on NYD with Richard Durand doing a ISOS special at Egg, which should be good but got other plans then.


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For me its hopefully a house party NYE or few in local then NYD off to WHP dor Maceo and Helena Hauff
My daughter is doing the NYD party, I think she go the tix for about a tenner? She's going to sell the NYE that she bought and sack that off


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NYE I will be on a flight to Tulum, hopefully arriving at the hotel for about 6pm. Quier NYE in the hotel before a couple weeks of amazing music commence.

NYD is going to be with Artbat on the beach, then to follow we have Solomun + Maceo, Dixon & Ame, Afterlife and to top it off the crown duel of Day Zero to end.

Had this booked for close to a year now so excited doesn't even come close! to explaining how I feel right now!


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Dixon playing Dubai and NYC on NYE.. would you even bother really....I think I would just go straight Mexico for NYD hope no one noticed..

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CityFox in NYC looks pretty good...

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The line-up is great, but the venue sucks (far away in East Brooklyn in the middle of nowhere and a total nightmare to find a cab at the end of the night).

For us, if we dont stay in Montreal (at Stereo), it should be Prydz + Cristoph at Washington or Solomun + Jaime Jones at Space Miami or Beyer + Nicole in L.A.