Nude Beaches



I have been to Es Cavallet, Las Salinas and S'Aigua Blanca. Are there any others where you can strip off without causing offence? We are going in October.
Thanks in advance,
Almost all the beaches in Formentera are cool about going nude, why not go there for a couple of trips?
We found that you can go full nude just about anywhere. My wife went nude at the beach outside of our hotel in Talamanca
Thanks for the information.
Have made a couple of trips to Formenterra - it's brilliant!

There is an 'official' nude beach the turning before La Salinas. Cant remember it's name. Anyone?
There's a small rocky beach in Figeuretas that was always full of naked people when I was there a few weeks ago..and naked people walking down the street too!!! It's as you go out of Figeuretas up the dusty track to Ibiza's just down some steps there.. (just past the Luxmar apartments...)