Not the very same ?

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DJ Chewster ?

My mate is Jordy Wright, some might say he's my protégé and I gave him the platform to become what he is today.
Not that I can be bothered to upload and send to you, although he sends me a new one every week or so. Not really my cup of tea musicwise, is good though. Protégé was said a bit facetiously. I helped him try and get his first booking and failed and used to let him download his tunes on my computer :p Anyway, Chewster ?!
hmm, I think Chewster's a red herring here.... why do I get the feeling you started this thread as a bit of sly promo for your mate ;)
Yeah so do I, or he's very sly. Although it might look that way, I'm really not. Don't think this the best place to promote a night headed by John 00 Fleming either, do you ?!
I don't mind the odd bit of John 00. Besides being an old trance ho, I really like some of the psy trance sets I've heard him play!

Goes and hides in the corner before the slagging/p1ss-taking starts