Northern Soul



Saffy tiptoes into the forum ..

I'm an old soulie....wondered how many others were .. if any?
leaves me cold im afraid. It seems to be making a bit of a comeback this year. see posts about my mate steve's sunday night partys at Hotel EsVive
*nods* .. I noticed ...

Mind you, I really couldn't face a night of it any more ... but it brings back so many lovely memories!
Absolutely love it. Shame more places don't play it, although I can't Northern Soul dance to save myself!
hi, could you give me any information about northern soul events that are on in Ibiza between the 1st and 15th of august ?
cookie said:
I like the music from the new KFC ad's... moonlight, music and you, is that northern soul?

it most certainly is.

my all time fave 'sock it to 'em jb' is also used. just the stabbing brass riff is played though, no vocals.
laura greene - moonlight....
rex garvin - sock it to em
marlena shaw - california soul
junior walker - roadrunner
frank wilson - do i love you
fontella bass - rescue me
bobby garrett - i can't get away
majestics - funky chick