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Hey people, just arrived back yesterday from 10 beautiful days on the white isle. Havent been there since i was a kid with my parents and brother, so as u can imagine it was a little different this time lol Am so depressed and cant think straight, but gonna attempt a review as i cant think about anthing else. Sniff. :cry: Here goes...

Arrived at the Gran Sol Hotel in San Antonio at 3am on Thursday 21th August, totally shattered, place seems basic but nice, and straight to sleep. Wont bore u guys with what we did during each day as it wasnt much, sleeping, sunbathing etc. That nite we went to Cream@Amnesia. We (thats me and my best mate Kerry) had been looking forward to this for ages as Mauro Picotto was playing. We had gone to see him at The Arches in Glasgow in June, but as it turned out i became a little unwell during the nite :eek: and had to be escorted home, missing his performance :oops: My own stupid fault for being silly (hadnt been to a nite like that for about 7 months) A harsh but valuable lesson. Anyway, at Amnesia his set was absolutely banging and the way he interacts with the crowd is amazing. They seemed to love him and everyone was chanting his name at the end. We didnt stay long after that, top quality start to the holiday. And Amnesia as a venue - easily the best ive ever been to, possibly the best in Ibiza?

Friday 22st: Kanya was about a minutes walk from our hotel, so spent the sunset there quite a few nites, including this one. Decided on a pub crawl so made our was along the sunset bars, ended up at Bay Bar drinking cocktails. Does this place have the most attractive male staff in the world?? Caught a glimpse of the West End. Took a couple of photos, but i think thats as close as we're gonna get :)

Saturday 23nd: First of all, i dont suppose anyone would know what the huge banging noises were at 8.30am ? Did a building fall down? :confused: Anyway, after a wander round Ibiza Town that day we decided to go to Hed Kandi@El Divino. After a few drinks at Sunseabar got on the free bus and ended up doing my Florence Nightingale impression all the way there with some poor girl who could hardly hold her head up and cried all the way there. Just vodka and Red Bull, eh? (Im such an old cynic) By the time we got there she was ok and my work for the nite was done. So El Divino-beautiful area, beautiful club, beautiful people. Had a good time but for some reason not one of my favourite nights. I got the impression that maybe it was trying a bit too hard? Or maybe it was just the way i was feeling. Regardless, another success.

Sunday 24rd: What else but We Love Sundays?! We had plans to be there for 12noon. HA! At 3pm decided gin was the way forward and after a few in the hotel bar managed finally into a taxi at half four. This has to be one of my favourite days. What an atmosphere on the terrace! I have never experienced anything like it. Everyone was so lively and happy and seemed genuinely unconcerned with what anyone else mite be thinking about them. David Morales was pretty good, playing tunes like Needin U and E Samba, and he went down a storm :D Has anyone tried the reclining massage chairs inside Space? This guy i met took me for a shot on one and it was amazing :!: In fact, was a bit surreal experiencing so much pleasure with all those people watching :lol: The worst thing about Space was that i managed to miss Laurent Garnier on the Terrace, and i still have no idea why :x Still kicking myself. Anyway, finally gave up about 2.30am, a quick paddle in the sea b4 collapsing into a taxi back to the hotel. What a day.

Monday 25th: Praise Jesus for Berocca. Where would i be without it? Certainly not at Cocoon@Amnesia, thats for sure. It was so quiet when we got there and hardly any British people at all, totally different from Cream. It was quite nice actually to not see teenage boys staggering around wearing Reebok trainers, white socks, shorts and checked shirts :lol: I mean, who the funk told them this was a good look??? Sorry, i digress. Cocoon is a quality nite IMO, Rickie Hawtin's set was totally banging and the whole place is one big Headfunk. I mean, whats with the image of the baby's face on the wall? :eek: And what i can only describe as evil Power Ranger type soldier things dancing overhead-am i hallucinating? :confused: Whether it was real or not, i liked it ;) Anyway, Kerry wanted to go into the House Room, Mr C was on, and he was pretty good. We found a big box to dance on, the next thing we knew it was 7am and a big burly bouncer was telling us to leave :oops: Good stuff.

Tuesday 26th: Went to Garlands Hat Party@Kanya this afternoon. What a simple yet ingenious idea :idea: The music was so funky, from Another One Bites the Dust to Chase the Sun to Around the World to Proffessional Widow, the tunes kept on coming. The atmosphere was so good me and Kerry decided to treat ourselves, even tho it was only about six oclock :eek: God knows how we made it to Pacha that nite. But we did! Pacha is something else, effortlessly cool and classy. A club that u can explore and get lost in. It looked so nice i thought everywhere we went was VIP! I must admit i never heard much of the music downstairs as we spent just about all nite on the terrace talking to some lovely boys from Derry, and i dont think ive laughed so much in a long time :lol: Ended up joining them for a post Pacha outing to a beach near San Antonio, no idea where, equipped with vodka and unmentionables. There we met a rather large shaven headed man floating quite contently in the water, who told us he was being a "statue of Buddha". :confused: We did not, however, find out why. Could this have been the most surreal moment of our hols? :) Excellent nite, excellent way to wind down from a nite, pi$$ laugh.

Wednesday 27th: Slept till nightfall. Went for Pizza. Back in bed by 1am. Oh, the shame :oops:

Thursday 28th: And back to Cream@Amnesia we go. I wanted to go to Ministry@Pacha but oh well i suppose Kerry can have her own way every once in a while :) Anyway, Gorgeous Jon Carter was playing the House Room, and what kind of girl could not appreciate that?? Bought our tickets at Coastline. Some checked shirted beerboy threw up all over his friend as soon as our bus left for Amnesia. Actually in his face :lol: :rolleyes: Hoped this wasnt a sign of things to come. Im not really into trance, although i like lots of other different types of dance music, so the main room wasnt really for me, the line up consisting of Cor Fjinrfgbebddjkb (no idea how to say his name :lol: ) Tall Paul and Oakie. Upon entering the House Room at 4am on the dot to get my fix of Gorgeous Jon, couldnt really get a good look at him, and he seemed an AWFUL lot taller than i imangined. Turns out hes a no show and Tall Paul was carted off to the House Room to do a funky set. And can i say i though he was wicked. 8) Great job. And we certainly made up for our lack of shape throwing in Pacha on Tuesday. So does anyone know what happened to the Gorgeous One?

Friday 29th: Our last day. We had planned to have a quietish nite cos our flight was at lunchtime the next day and i didnt want to be a train wreck. However, we were so sad that we scraped every cent we had left together and vowed to go out with a bang. After spending all day in Kanya going "how will we get back to normal life? "how will our bodies function without all" "Will i never see my cute irish boy again?" we decided to give ourselves a shake and make for Pacha. So we did. And i managed to dance this time! Hurrah :) The crowd at Pacha seemed different tonite tho. Lots of older kinda creepy men leering at you on the dancefloor, lots of perfect looking women far more interested in how they were perceived over how much fun they were having. Some woman actually burst out laughing in Keryys face after looking her up and down. I dunno, the place just felt a bit unfriendly. Or maybe it was just my post Ibiza blues setting in already :( It didnt stop us having one last good shimmy to smokin Jo and checkin out the funky room tho. We left around half past five and waved goodbye to the Ibiza clubbing scene for the next 12 months. Sob :cry:

Saturday 30th: Home. God, i have never felt this bad in my whole 22 years. Please tell me this feeling goes away :!: Cant wait to get back next year, except 10 days is not long enough. Will need to get my body ready for a 2 week caning next summer ;) Its the only thought keeping me going at the moment.

Money spent: £750
Cigarettes smoked: 240. God, that is DISGUSTING. Surely some sort of mistake. I must have given lots of them away then :)
Alcohol consumed: Think it only worked out to about 3 or 4 drinks per day. I dont feel quite so bad now.
Illicit substances consumed: Now theres a question..... ;)
Sorry ive went on for so long, i just enjoyed my time there so much. I think its like nowhere else on earth.

Lel x x x
Lel said:
ended up at Bay Bar drinking cocktails

cool bar!! :D

Lel said:
Saturday 23nd: First of all, i dont suppose anyone would know what the huge banging noises were at 8.30am ? Did a building fall down? :confused:

Fireworks in San An Bay

Not a good way to be woken up after 2 hours sleep :lol: