No more Tribal Gathering

Miss Fox

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Just a quick one to thank every body who attended the recent Weekender and Southport and making it such a wicked party!

It is very unlikely that we will do another weekender of this nature as we feel it is definetallt time for Tribal to move onto some further projects.

Our choice for this is by no means influenced by attendance figures, as this years intake was actually slightly up on the last. The impression created of it being quiter is due to the fact that two of the rooms: the soapbar & feathers & Facepaint, were actually doubled in size as well as the addition of a further Icebar (the ultimate result of this being an increased capacity of 700)

These unwanted changes to the overall occurred as we were not in complete control of the venue. The same can be said of the Door Team who were employed by the venue not ourselves, we were not happy with there performance and do not wish to work with them in the future.

Future events to feature our involvment will occur only if we have complete control of all aspects of the production and organisation, and as a result of this we feel it will help us to achieve our ultimate goal of providing further amasing parties for you to enjoy.



:( :cry:

We were at the last one, something to tell the grankids ;)

I had no problem with the door staff, did you miss tribal bint fox? ;)
Gutted I missed this! I had prob one the shittest weekend of my life that weekend! KNEW I shudda gone tribal!