Nights selling out


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Hey, this Saturday is going to be my first week in Ibiza and I'm ridiculously excited! I've just been debating what to do about sorting out tickets. So far we've got a vague set of 'definites' of We Love Space, Tiesto and Cream. Does anybody know whether these generally sell out, and whether we should buy tickets now? The only reason we haven't yet is so we can keep a bit of flexibility just in case we feel like going with the flow, but missing out because they sell out would be a bit of a downer. Thanks 8)
Apologies if I have got this wrong (I've just picked it up from reading various Ibiza forums), but the clubs can't "sell out". With all the various bars selling tickets, a 4,000 capacity venue could sell 6,000 tickets - you just need to get there early if you want to be guaranteed entry.

At least, that's what I have read.