Night out in around Ibiza Town


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My friends are coming out to Ibiza on 19 May for a few nights.
I would like to know what KM5 Lounge is like for a night out?
also La Brasca restaurant ?
and are there any other nice flamenco bars/small discos for us.
HI, not been to La Brasa for a few years but it is amazing! The first time we went there for years we used to refer to our first time there as 'the meal!' - the best meal we had ever had (and believe me we have eaten out a lot!

Not the cheapest but amazing food and a beautiful setting, candles, white tiles, courtyard, wow! Try it!
KM5 IS BRILLIANT, GREAT FOOD, NICE BAR oops caps great atmo and tunes later, till about 4, try also blue marlin, atzaro, kumharras, take me with you!!