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just a quick question about getting my NIE,when i went to australia i was able to acquire a postal address so i could open a bank account and sort out similar issues before i landed there so it was as simple as signing a few forms when i landed and i was set,is this possible in ibiza? and if so can anyone point me in the right direction so i can get a postal address to help get as much sorted as i can before i actually go??

i have read some pages on the internet that say you should only apply for your NIE once you actually have a works contract? is this the case? also i do plan on becoming self employed in spain,havnt even opened that can of worms yet but any input would be great!

thanks for reading and again any input would be much appreciated


OK - here goes.
To apply for your nie number you go to the main police station in ibiza, fill in forrms (personal info, parents etc), queue for ages etc. In the winter it will be quicker BUT as you are planning to live here you are much better just going staright for your Comunitario which is the new residencia. You got to the police station, pick up the forms, and get an appointment to return for the papers to be processed. Alternatively you can use a solicitor here to do it which will costs approx 50 euros.
As for going self employed, most will tell you to go through a Gestoria, we were. DONT. We went direct to an accoutant (Contissa) who do it all for you but you avoid the middle man fees. It;s called autonomos, you will pay approx 2000 euroa month for your seguros (nat ins) and your tax is calculated quarterly. Then at the end of the year they do a final calculation which (usually) results in a tax rebate. I can give you the contact details for our accountant if you like just let me know.