Next Garlands Party???


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Hi All

Does anyone know when the next bash is? We arrive on 12th Sept for a week and hope to be there for one of their legendary sessions...
The Garlands closing party is at Eden on Tuesday 16th Sept. Dress Code...wear all white!!!
Huey: Will it be a free entrance as always? :)

Oh and what about the party that is supposed to be held in Eden on that same night (at least according to the Party Calendar on this site):
Gallery & Clockwork Orange - John 00 Fleming, Alex P, John Kelly.
Was it canceled and instead we get the Garlands closing party?
The closing party at Eden is not going to be free unfortunatly though workers with Garlands Keyrings will get in free. Garlands will take over both rooms with Tidy Boys, Rob Tissera, Jez and Charlie, Illogik and John Kelly tearing it up in the main room, plus Dave & Huey, The Cuban Brothers, The Kelly family and Emma Warren ('She Wants You Back') in the funky room. The Dress code is Wear All White.