New Yorker Planning Trip To Ibiza For New Year Via Barcelona




I am heading to Europe this winter, and I am stopping in Barcelona for roughly five days. I am an avid techno fan, and wanted to go to Ibiza for New Year's. This is going to be my first trip to Ibiza, so I have some questions for any of you Ibiza veterans:

1. I was looking at Trasmediterranea to go to and from Ibiza. Is there a better way to get to Ibiza from Barcelona, or are they alright?
2. When I get to Ibiza, does anyone know of a good place to stay? I was looking at the Royal Plaza in Ibiza Town, but I would rather stay close to where all the good clubs are.
3. Finally, are all the clubs located in Ibiza Town? Or rather, where are the best clubs located for New Year's?

Please help!

I have never been to Ibiza on New Year's so It's a bit difficult to answer your question. Transmedeiterrania will do. I take it from Denia(2-4 hour ride depending on what type of boat.) You can always fly in if you don't like the long boat ride from Barcelona. As far as hotels, some are open and some aren't. Check the site. The Jet apartments seem to be the favorite among the posters. Pacha is open new year's. I believe priviledge,amnesai, and Space will also open, but you need to keep checking Ibiza Spotlight for the line-up. The reason I klnow this is I was originally planning to be i Ibiza for new year's, but that plan got nixed. I hope this all helps 8)
Doumo Arigatou

Thanks for the suggestions. I dun mind the boat ride. I figure each way as a night of rest, so it is all good. What are the Jet apartments? All I just need is a place for a night or so.
NOT A GOOD IDEA. The point of going to Ibiza is for the nightlife. I knew someone that went in April and didn't like it. Most of the big clubs were cold.

To enjoy the FULL Ibiza experience you gotta go in the summer months or don't go at all.
if the point of going to ibiza is the nightlife then why is it that clubbers only spend 25% of the year here and make up a miniscule proportion of the visitors to the island in that time?
it's a sad indictment of certain people's mentality that all the can see in such a beautiful island is a few clubs and a few more bars which open for only 3 months and which which owe nothing to the spirit of the island.
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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have been to Spain before but I have never been to the islands, and since the rest of Europe is rather cold (not bitter like NY, but cold nonetheless), it would be a treat to be in 60+F weather. I am sure most of you who live in New York, would agree with me that winter sucks, but as long as it is not snowing, then I am okay with it.

As far as New York goes, I love NY too, but I need to get away from it this year. If I don't, I risk becoming a heartless punk, who would kick you if he saw you dying in the streets. :evil: Furthermore, my trip could not have come at a more appropriate time as the city is entering a transit strike. If they go through, which is more than likely, it would be hard for me to get to anywhere from the West Village (no, I have a girlfriend). :D

So where in Ibiza should I stay to be close to the Nightlife? Are cities and places far from each other on the island?
stay in ibiza town. go to pacha or amnesia on nye and space on jan 1st.
it's that simple
Biff i agree, the fact that like you said people only think ibiza is open for 3 months of the year is a very sad fact and its wrong!!!!

What i don't quite understand though is the fact that all of the other balearic island are available to get to from the u.k for some winter sun!!! but ibiza is not....i have been to ibiza numerous occaions 'off season' and i can say that it is just as beautiful then as anytime of the year, if not more beautiful!!! and the weather may be better than neighbouring islands