New Years Eve in Ibiza


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Hi all - me and my bf are coming out to Ibiza over New Year.. we already have our Circoloco tickets and looks like Pacha it is on NYE.

Can anyone recommend any restaurants in Ibiza Town that have a NYE set menu or that are open on NYE for dinner and countdown that we can book in advance?

Thanks :p:p:p:p:p
lots of places are open - have a look around on ibiza winter residents where restaurants announce their NYE menues.

one detail you should know (it's a weird one when you experience it for the first time), in case you don't know yet. if you do NYE in a restaurant, you're normally in the middle of the meal still at 12 o clock. and then at midnight (if it's a spanish restaurant) you get to eat 12 grapes - one with every bang of the church bell. if you go for a set menu in a restaurant you'll be in the restaurant until 1-2am normally...and then you can make your way over to pacha.