New to Ibiza


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Hi everyone

I've just booked my first holiday to Ibiza......staying at Port Des Torrents 10 to 24 July 2009. Usually go to Menorca for me hols but decided to have a change!!

Soooo.....any tips on things to do, places to see, nightlife, etc etc etc will be gratefully received.

just walk round you will find it.its a case of you checking out the places really.along the bay.of cause you must visit the westend area.across from the bay,use maps on home page to get a idea how dont stay which hotel atps you staying in.yes the big one.sunset bars again ferry/bus/taxi or walk in over to the otherside.

playa den bossa day trip.bora bora music beach bar/space/waterpark.
ibizatown either in day or night.nice walk round the old town.see famous people along bars.port area for day and night time.
hire a car is best bet out cheaper than getting you can go anywhere then.loads of nice little other resorts to visit.

all depends what sort of hols you fancy.relax in one place.or out and about.full or half days out.nowhere is less than 30mins away.

14 days is enough for first time.but you will go back i tell you.
For my first time I found out a lot using this website, it is really helpful.

Obviously the big thing about Ibiza is the clubs, in San Antonio (if thats where you're staying?) you have Eden and Es Paradis, not massive but host some really enjoyable nights, Eden has a couple of bigs nights on Fridays and Sundays. Amnesia & Privilege are in the middle of the island, and are accessible by free buses from certain bars/hotels, and the same with Space which is Playa d'en Bossa on the other side to San An.

The sunset strip is beautiful, a lot go there to see the sun set (no, really!) at around 8/9 then go on to do whatever is happening that night.

Above is a tiny part to Ibiza, and the highlight of my trip, theres loads more to the island... enjoy!