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Me and sarah lived in ibiza as reps 3 yrs ago, we loved the place. After recently splitting with my fiance we are looking to go back over but to do something less hectic! Now sarahs at uni adn has another 18 months till she is done,so nothing will be happening overnight. I am a recruitment consultant at home for a major IT company, I have also been involved in Sales and Marketing and new business development. I am looking to see if there is anything in this field that I could do? Our friends run bars etc over there and although its tempting to go back to that, Id rather work and then head to the bars at night! Help? Any takers?


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did you love
a)all the things about ibiza that last for a 3 month high summer season?
b)the things that are here all year?

if the answer is a then you'll probably be quite disappointed with ibiza in the off season.


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in answer to your Q on the work front.

sure there are those type of jobs but on an annual basis there will be an extremely limited number available and fluent spanish would be a prerequisite.

the bar work is fair enough but as stephen points out, usually that would just be for the summer.