New and looking for Ibiza NYE 09 Info please


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Hi guys,

Me and a couple of friends are coming to Ibiza for New Years eve for a change and I would like some information on basically everything I need to know when we do this. And you lot on here appear to be in the know and happy to help from what I have read so far!

It looks like we are going to go Pacha but I just want to know about restaurants, bars, after parties, best spots for the new year period. I have been Ibiza many times in season.

Also where is the best place/area to stay? Ibiza town?

Any help or guidance on anything I should know would be much appreciated.


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could you copy me in on that pm too, and maybe everyone else, it might be helpful to us all on the forum???
No real useful info unfortunately!

If anyone else has a restaurant or bar or area recommendation that would be great?