New Amnesia DJ Booth??



Hey there! On the internetsite of DJ Tiesto ( he wrote

"I am in Ibiza every Thursday which is awesome with the new dj-booth and I will be on all the best parties in the world this summer!!!"

So.. can someone tell me what the new DJ Booth of Amnesia looks like? I only know the one on the balcony, high above the dancefloor. Maybe a bit too high to get personal contact with the people. So is just the booth renovated on that balcony? Or is there a totally new booth placed somewhere else in the club?

And can someone also tell me about the new soundsystem of Amnesia?

Yeah yeah... maybe stupid questions, but I am just curious to it..... can't help it... :lol:
Looked the same to me. I think they have a new sound system though, maybe they just have new kit it the DJ booth too.