Nejat Barton What A DJ!!!



I cant belive how good this particular DJ was, Just come back from Edinburgh and I was completely blown away!

His name is Nejat Barton I heard him at a place called Eye Candy he was absolutley rocking Ive heard alot of Funky house DJ's in my time but this guy was amazing, tune after tune he reminds me of what Allister Whitehead was like many years ago playing really girly eighties sounding house!

I managed of having the pleasure to speak to him and what can I say he's a lovely guy!

If any of you get a chance to see this guy I recommend you go

Has anybody heard of this DJ before??
Georgina, I think you and I are the only 2 people to have heard of him....came across a mix cd of his last year Bar 38/Eye Candy (I know, I know for all those who have heard me wafflin' about this cd - I'm beginnin' to bore myself :D ) and it's quite literally the dogs. Also had the pleasure of listening to him spin at Tiger, Tiger this year. Believe it or not Alistair Whitehead did a set there was all funkt out!

So what's Eye Candy like....never been?
Eye Candy was amazing, They are a really up for it crowd! The DJ's were really good I think Nejat did the last set I think. But he was really really good! He played at Tiger Tiger, Ive briefly heard before on Ministry of Sound Radio too Have you a copy of his CD - How did you get hold of his CD?

If you PM me your address I'll sort you out a copy, I've been looking to get my hands on another (due to constant re-play) but they are rarer than rocking horse sh1te. Yeah, he was there with Whitehead as Special guest.....t'was a good night. I've posted on here before about the fella a few times....
There's is actually some posters up for Pacha in London saying he's playin there saw them last night on my way home. Gonna go there with my girlfriends!

Yeah If I could get a copy that would be GREAT

No sweat, always willing to spread the gospel of funky house :lol: I've got to get my arse down to Pacha in London....oh well, will have to make do with Roger in the real one next Monday night I guess! 8) :D
Came across this randomly.

Georgina was definitely very enthusiatic about this DJ wasn't she.....:lol:
also the first time ive heard Tiger Tiger described in such positive light.
Damn we all missed out! I wonder where he is now?

edit * and yes Buckley before you answer he may well be a teacher due to the favourable working hours / holidays / pensions haha
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