mate this sett takes 4 hours to download. I haven't even heard it yet and I'm bored :D

No, you throw out a fair question but in all honesty, I just dont have the time to be at my computer for 4 hours or to listen to it in full this week. Remind me on Saturday night maybe because I'll be doing my last assignment so will be able to have it on in the background and stuff.

Thanks for the thought buddy
Hehe I'm capped cos I did hardcore downloadings of, ****ing, I can't remember what and am almost sure some was porn related. But my hardcore download habbits, + that of 2 others = cap. So, :cry:

If you have it tho, and have some editing software like, maybe sound forge or ummmmmm audacity or something, could it maybe be broken up into 3 different files? That way I could probably take a crack at getting one when I get home from work, leave it going until I go to bed and if it's one down its one down.

I genuinely wanna hear this because, I love being converted. I love when I don't like something and someone comes out and shows me how good it can actually be when done right. So, yeah.. If not, I'll just wait, but, keep reminding me cos, I'm also a bit of a forgetful **** :D ... Infact, now that you mention it.... I'm pretty sure I swam around this part of the bowl not more than 3 mins ago. :confused: