MYNC Project


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How are these guys? Are they worth checking out? They are spinning tonight in NYC and I was considering going. What kind of music do they play?

House music, funky, original, very good!

Heard them many times at Passion in the UK, always good.
awesome seen them rock the terrace of amnesia last summer :rolleyes:
They're doing the Terrace at Amnesia again this summer on some cream nights. I remember a few years ago the first time they played the Amnesia Terrace me and some mates were there and they recognised us from Passion and had a good chat. They usually post what they are upto on the Godskitchen lounge board under the name redroomblue.
So I went to see MYNC project last night and was truly impressed... got home and checked the ibiza calender, and must say I am very excited as they will be spinning at Amnesia with Tiesto and PVD while I am there. That is one night I won't miss!! :D