My weekend- Includes Kandi @ Bed on sat ;) Wahheeyy!


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Fri- left work, went into town for a meal and a few drinks. There was another bomb scare- this time by central station so they had to cordon off the train station and the surrounding areas. Oh but what did u do senor Nisho I hear u all cry- why of course it was a great excuse to keep drinking, so drank till after the bomb squad people blew up the car then went back locally and got smashed there! :p


Yeeha. Got my train ticket for 19:52, but the barsteward train geezars forgot to tell everyone on the train that the right train had moved platforms! So we had to wait for an hour- which pissed off this old woman immensely- and hearing an old woman swear is Heavily entertaining I tell ya! ;)

Annyways, met this cool student nurse on the train who I might be goin Garlands reopenin with and finally got to sheff round 22:30 - bit worried coz my name was only on the door till 22:30 and I goto the club bout 23:00 but everything was cushy.

Met the lovely Saffy and Mike in there straight away (who look at least 7years younger that they are-dont know how they manage it when they cain it all the time) , and got introduced to John Jones- who's a ridiculously nice bloke!
Stayed in the main room pretty much all night- f***ing amazing tunes! :p LOVING when 'put em high' was dropped :D .

Mark Doyle also impressed me LOTS when he went from funky into a bit of tech :p

Cant remember much of the night -except quality tunes, beautiful people and a sound system which I thought was shit at first but was actually pretty sweet!

Spent more time on the streets than in the club but was worth it! -Still, think Ill treat meself to a hotel next time tho :) coz froze my arse off!!! :eek:

Ended up bouncing between the coach station and the train station till my train arrived. met some lad called tim and we just chattle random shit all morning till his bus came round 9ish. -We also seen a prostitute working the coach/bus station! :eek:

Must have snored on the train on the way back coz everytime I got up all the people were staring at me! I hate it when people watch me sleeping!
There was this really hot girl who must have got on when I was sleeping as well so hope I wasnt drooling or anything!

Got back into liverpool round 13:00 sunday afternoon- guess what - the f***ing trains were goosed again! They were doin some exercise in case dead bodies were on the tunnel- then the train got stuck in the tunnel so I ended up gettin the bus.

Got back home round 14:00-14:30 and thought Id try and do the whole 48hrs of staying awake without drugs so watched eastenders, then I put a bit of classic dangermouse on and fell asleep!- Pissed my mate off immensley coz I missed his bday on sat for Kandi, and was meant to go for a drink with him on sun, but I slept thru till midnight! -Which is why I wasnt here yesterday.

Got up feeling f***ing amazing! buzzing all day at work thinkin bout sat- even supposed to be havin a fight now- but couldnt be arsed coz Im still buzzin!

Saff (Doyle's no.1 fan;) ) described it as entertaining, I say its simply f***ing superb! :D Either way- its all good

Saff & Mike's computer is also mashed so they cant get online -but they say Hellooo ;)

Nice1 Kandi people- bring on the dec party! :p :p
nish .. was lovely to meet you too ! And so glad you got in ok .. though we'd have sorted it anyways !

Sorted the PC now ... rebuilt it and put new cables on and fitted a new modem ... seems fine .. touch wood !!

XXXX See you in December !!
Glad you enjoyed your trip to Sheff' :D

Sorry I didn't make it, things just didn't come together :rolleyes:

Next time ;)
Next time indeed! Think all u lot will have to help me trash my hotel room at the unofficial after party ;) :lol:
sounds like a plan hun. Know any decent hotels in Sheff then? Or shall I investigate dear watson??
well i would nish but i'll be living in spain by then, is it worth lying back for?!!
ah mate! Up2 u! lol

Think Kandi will at least definately have to be the club to hold ur welcoming back party tho ;) :p
Sweet. Nice little warm up for the Ibiza season as well. Plus they'll be a shit load of quality tunes knockin round then! :p