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Well here is my attempt at a review. Short and sweet I know but better than nowt.

Wed 2nd Jul 03

My mate and I left Edinburgh for Manchester; flght was on time for a change! Got into Manchester, had our only meal for the next 3 days there lol. Left for Ibiza, on time again. Cleared customs :) Then got on the bus to Jet Apartments, checked in and all that and got the room key. Started walking to the room to dump out bags off then got the biggest shock that I have ever had in my whole life :eek: :eek: . As we turned the corner to our door my boyfriend and 5 of my mates jumped out on us from our room. :confused: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: They had secretly had it planned for the previous 5 months and it was all kept secret. They had told me they were away for a week in London, lol. Unknown to me they had checked in the Jet two days previous and had it all planned with reception from arrival times and room. I was totally speechless as the last place I expected to see them was in Ibiza (they are not big clubbers). Anyway after the initial shock we all had a few beers on the balcony. The balcony was tremendous, superb see view and directly above Ancient People.

We all then jumped into taxis and headed for Amnesia for La Troya. Was disappointed with La Troya….music was not all that good and the majority of people looked like they were trying to enjoy themselves but weren’t. Stayed there till about 6ish then left as I was totally knackered. Went back to Ancient People for a few drinks, spoke to some mad people then away to bed for a few hours.

Thur 3rd Jul 03

Never done much today. Just relaxed by the pool. Went to Bora Bora about 5ish. The place was just getting going. Seen Spiderman there (as we did most days thereafter). That boy is totally nuts, even when he is dancing (always on the tables) he looks as if he is trying to throw a web like outta the film, lol. Took lodsa pics of him for u guys but lost my digi-camera. Drank lodsa Sangria then we all then went into Ibiza town at night for some people watching and drinks. Went to Anfora for a few hours, only €7 to get in and you get a free drink. Drinks therafter are only about €3 or €4ish. Back to Ancient People then can’t remember anything else after that. Lol

Friday 4th July 03

Another day lazing around beach and pool, then onto Bora Bora about 5ish. Stayed till 11ish then back to the hotel to get ready for Pure Pacha. Can’t really remember much of Pacha to be honest although I do remember that I was in the funky room for 80% of the night. The place was totally rocking in there and can defiantly recommend it. Stayed there till 7ish then taxi back to hotel. Went to Ancient People for a few cocktails then went to Space for Matinee Group around 1030hrs. Got free entry thanks to the wrist pass we got in Ibiza Town. Terrace was rocking as was indoors. Danced on terrace for a few hours then back for some much needed two hours sleep.

Saturday 5th July 2003

Totally knackered from Pacha the previous night and Space this morning but battled on as we all do in Ibiza. Caught the last of the rays at Bora Bora then my b/f and I went to the sunset strip to se the sunset. Settled outside Café Del Mar. Place was busy as always. Beautiful sunset although there was a wee cloud our two about. Stayed there till about 11ish then back to Ancient People for a drink then an early night for me! :)

Sunday 6th July 2003

My mate and I are well hyped up about going to Space today. 8) 8) :D Got to Space about 11am. Place was rocking. Danced on the terrace in front of the speaker wall pretty much all day. Seen Robder there and said hello (wicked outfit btw) although I was soooo out of it I am surprised I was able to see, lol. After far too many bad boys, beers and wine we decided to leave Space about 8pm and head to Bora Bora. The place was banging (as always). Got speaking to this totally mad woman who was dressed in this illumines outfit (see below).

She was totally out of it too so we made good company. Also seen her in Space dancing on the podium, she was just too funny I needed my pic with her. Wee sweetheart also, as she was leaving Bora Bora she bought us this jug of Sangria. Stayed for another hour then left Bora Bora for the short walk back to our room. As it was my b/f and my mates last night we missed the closing of the terrace as we were heading into Ibiza Town for a nice meal. Eat in this nice restaurant, had a lovely salad followed buy some lobster. Back to Space about 3am. Terrace was shut but went inside. Not really my type of music, heavy techno type stuff but still boogied away. Left Space at 6am. No power left unfortunately for DC10 :(

Monday 7th July 2003

Said bye to the people leaving today then went to Bora Bora (again, lol). Lost my digi camera (although I think it may have been a pick-pocked so watch out folks) with 100’s of holiday pics. Totally gutted. Spent most of the day in the police station making a report. Was sooooo annoyed about camera I just stayed in Playa for the day and night. Had a 3 course Chinese meal that included a beer for €4!! Bargain and it was not too bad! Was gonna goto Manumission but decided against it.

Thursday 8th July 2003

Nice and refreshed from having a night in! :) Done nothing other than laze by the pool and Bora Bora. Had a nice meal at Tandoori Nights in Playa. Manumission Mike was at the table next to us talking about Manumission this and that. Wish I had of went the previous night now! Still had a fabulous meal then on to the sunset strip for the sunset. Busy as always. Was gonna go to that place in San An Bay instead that Barbie recommends but for the life of me I could not remember the name so Café del Mar it was. Had a few at the Mambo Underwater pre party then onto Pacha about 0230am. Main floor was about half full so went to the funky room for 30 mins or so. Came back out the funky room and the main floor was rocking! Wow! Layo and Bushwhacker were totally mental! Had about 3 decks on the go, 2 CD mixers and FX all at the same time. Totally amazing as were Tim Deluxe et all. Left Pacha about 7am then back to the hotel. Decided that we wanted to go to Space again for the last time so got the room till 9pm for €40. In Bed with Space was the morning there. Was ok but just did not have the same feel the other parties there had. They closed indoors about 11am so it was just the terrace open. I had a wee boogie then just people watched drinking wine (only €6!). Stayed till about 1300 then back to the hotel for a few hours then down to Bora Bora for the last time. Few glasses of Sangria (and a few bad boys) then on the bus home.

Had a total good time. Missed loads out I know but can't be bothered typing much more and it is hard to get it all in anyway. Wish I had of done more beaches, restaurants and made DC10 but hell I had a ball anyway. Hope your time was/will be as good as mine!
Thanks for the review Aaron, shame about Latroya I was looking forward to going to that, maybe I'll think again.
cookie said:
Thanks for the review Aaron, shame about Latroya I was looking forward to going to that, maybe I'll think again.

I think it might have just been the night I was there as it is usually better. It just looked as if everyone wanted to enjoy themselves but could not. Maybe it was just me and my vision that night. :lol:
Aaron said:
cookie said:
Thanks for the review Aaron, shame about Latroya I was looking forward to going to that, maybe I'll think again.

I think it might have just been the night I was there as it is usually better. It just looked as if everyone wanted to enjoy themselves but could not. Maybe it was just me and my vision that night. :lol:

I loved La Troya the time I went, but then again, I might have just went on a really good day.

I don’t suppose there are any nights that are 100% all of the time.
that woman really does look crazy, but it seems her heart was in the right place..........IBIZA (and at the bar!) ;)