My review, (September 22 - September 30) before I forget


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Every year I plan to write a review and usually end up waiting so long to write it that I forget half of it by the time I get around to it :lol: :lol:

Monday September 22
Arrived in Ibiza at 9:30 in the morning. No problem in getting my car from hipercar and went straight to my hotel in PDB. I had booked in at the Fiesta hotel Playa d'en bossa on the spotlight site and when checked in was told I had to go stay at the Club hotel next door as the hotel shut on the 28th and I was not checking out until the morning of Oct 1. The main reason I didn't want to stay at the club was because they have activity nights on evenings that are just loud and annoying. I asked for a room on the other side and didn't hear anything at all. This is the third time I've stayed at the Fiesta hotels in PDB and I highly recommend it. Best part is how quickly they clean your room... even if you don't get up until 3 pm and only leave for 1/2 hour. Also, if you are traveling on your own, its one of the best deals in pdb for staying on your own.

Anyway, I had been feeling a little ill on my way over so after check in ( which thanfully I could do right away) I went and rested for a bit then sat by the pool for a bit (was nice on that day) befor getting ready to go to my dc10 / Cocoon marathon 8)

Arrived at dc10 at about 5/ 5:30 for their 10 year anniversary. I have NEVER seen the terrace so empty at 5 pm, but it began to fill up quite quickly very soon. in a couple of hours it was nicely packed and by 9 pm tha atmosphere was fantastic. According to others who had been out there all season it was all agreed that it was a very good dc10. Villlobos and Luciano came on for a back-to-back session, I then left at about 11:00 a very happy dancer to go and get ready for Cocoon. Arrived at Cocoon at about 1:30 or so to find Richie Hawtin in the main room I always enjoy cocoon and did so that evening, but it definitely wasn't the best cocoon I've been to, and I usually try and make sure that I go to 2 Cocoon sessions each Ibiza. Now this was my first time being at Amnesia since the "new" terrace, had opened. I've been reading over and over about how wonder great bla bla bla the new terrace was, but to be honest, I didn't find it that super-amazing. Still good of course and maybe better than previous years, but I think it was overhyped for sure. For me, the main room is still the place to be.

Tuesday September 23
Every time I've been in Ibiza before, I've been lucky enouth to have one day of rain in 5 years. Today I woke up to see rain pouring it down form all directions.. yay! Still got in my car and decided that being on a beach in the rain or at least getting out was better than being in my hotel room all day. Drove up north and went to

-Cala d'en Serra ( ah my favourite beach, just not so lovely when its cold and windy.. first time I've been to beaches with just me on them)
-Cala Mastella

No swimming, but just stopped and had some wanders.

Back to the hotel and then got ready for Laurent Garnier at Space. Simply Amazing. LOVED the discoteca set 8) LOVED the terrace set 8) (did not love me hugging the toilet bowl the morning after :lol:) Still well worth it. I absolutely love Garnier and had an amazing time.

Wednesday September 24
another beautiful rainy day
(am already beginning to mix up which day I went what beaches :confused:) I know for sure that I did my Ibiza , d'alt villa day. Drove in and had a walk around d'alt villa as I always too. Had a little walk up and around Sa penya as well. I can't remember if I had lunch at Playa Des Cavallet this day or tomorrow :confused:

Evening, went out to Gala night at the old zoo project place. Wasn't that busy, and unfortunately the rain and cold destroyed the outside bit, but found the crowd very very friendly and music was good everywhere. Really enjoyed the music inside. Didn't stay until the very end, but had started early ish ( 6pm) so not staying for 12 hours was OK.

Thursday September 25
Woke up and had another little drive around. Today went for lunch at Niu Blau and had a little look at quite a few of the other beaches in that area. I think the sun did come out for a few hours before turning to rain again. Rain didn't really bother me too much as I was too excited thinking about DANNY TENAGLIA'S CLOSING PARTY !!!!!!!

I love Dany Tenaglia and really like Wally Lopez as well, so I knew I owuld have a good night. As others have mentioned, Danny didn't come out until later than I thought someone would have considering its his closing party and his name, but didn't matter as had a great time with Wally lopez as well. Tengalia's night was just so much fun and I didn't stop bouncing around the entire night

Friday September 26
Now was this the day I drove over to Cala d'hort????:confused: Lets just say it is because otherwise it was some other day. I also know for sure that I drove up and had a bit of a wander around San Carlos and near San Lorenzo, every year I have been meaning to check out Balafia. I had read aabout it and meant to see it, but its really nothing mroe than a few buildings. Nevertheless, I like just driving around the towns, stopping and having a look, peering in people's windows etc..

Went back to the hotel and go ready to go out to Pacha for dinner. Had a lovely meal at Pacha... while it certainly wasn't cheap, neither is the entry into Pacha for the Pure Pacha closing, so the free entry into the club with the meal is a good deal. Good company as well! ;)

Sander Kleinenberg and Axwell were on for the closing. I'm not usually a huge Pure Pacha fan, but still thinkt hat every ibiza trip warrants a Pacha visit. Still had a lot of fun, I loved the Blue Monday,(second to last third to last song??). I LIKE pacha, but I just do not love it. Its not a very clubby clubbing sort of place. Still, although it was my least favourite clubbing night, its still not a bad night out at all! 8)

Saturday September 27
Was today Benirras??? hmnnnnn :confused: I know that I went to Blue Marlin for lunch one day and had a yummy lobster ravioli and bottle of wine.. and there was sun out for part of it, but again... oops don't know what day that was..:lol:

Went out to S'Estanyol for the Groove Armada party on the beach. Went a bit later and was expecting some sort of turntables set up in a beach restaurant with maybe a tarp over it.. Instead was a BIG FLASHING stage, a great soundsystem and a long walk down the hill from the car ( thanks for the ride I-Spy ;)) Too bad I didn't get there earlier as the atmosphere was really really good! 8)

Evening was People from Ibiza@ Amnesia. Great night, great atmosphere although not as busy as I expected. It was their closing party and was probably the least busy I've EVER seen amnesia. Still had a great night and was bouncing around... with so much room on the dancefloor I was able to do complete 360 degree twirls so all was good! 8) Again, spent more time in the main room as I don't think the new terrace is all its been cracked up to be! ;) :lol: Lots of fun friendly spotlight folk to tear up the dancefloor with! :)

Sunday September 28
The plan was to go to Formentera but I did not carry out with this plan:lol: I did hang around my hotel pool... or did I... or didn't I?? :confused:

Anyway, on to We Love closing.. Didn't arrive until about 6 pm and had never seen the 'sunset' terrace so dead dead dead. Still it managed to pick up a bit and saw loads of spotlight gang members waving their hands through their hair to some good fromage until midnight. Even I, who is not a cheese lover was jumping and singing as well. Didn't use my passout as whats the point?? and besides, passouts are for lightweights anyway ;) Went over to the terrace for some DJ Hell and Steve Lawler, things weren't so cheesy anymore but still lots of shaking, moving and occasional jumping and abusing. good fun though. Went over to the discoteca near the end to catch Zabiela and Fanciulli Had never really liked Zabiela before, always thought he looked happy and bouncy, as he did on Sunday, but always thought his musc was too choppy with not enough drive and too many bleeps. Howver, I absolutley loved him at the closing... Stayed until the lights went on and then stumbled the 1.5 minute walk back to my hotel ( another bonus for staying at the fiesta hotel... you can even see if from inside Space)

Monday September 29th
The plan: get up early, go to come beaches, come back for dc10-cocoon
The outcome: not quite.... :lol:

Still made it up and went down to Salines for a long lay in the sun. Thank goodness it was niceand sunny out. I always like to walk down a bit further to Sa Trinxa, and usually go a little further ad try and get my own little cove, but this time I just couldn't be bothered to go any further than Sa Trinxa. I loved the music coming out of there, I just put my towel, down, had a nice swim and stayed there until just after 7 pm. The plan was just to go for a few others and I kept trying to get up and go to dc10, but it was so much nice to lay there semi-comotose listening to the lovely thud thud and feel still feel the sun beat down on my back. If I hadn't made it to dc10 the previous week and if I hadn't enjoyed it the previous week so much, I probably would have been more determined to go this Monday. However, I was perfectly happy to lie there in bliss as it was my second last day in ibza and wasn't sure if after Cocoon tomorrow and my 432947329 night out in a row, I would be able to make it to a beach the next day. I packed it up and went back to the hotel to get ready for Cocoon.

Cocoon closing: ahhhhhh had a simply amazing night. can't really write much about it except it was amazing! :lol:

atmosphere - 10/10
music - 10/10
music going on until 8 am 10/10
nostrum giving us a ride home instead of waiting with the other 47328947239 people for 4362784 hours for a ride home - 10/10

Tuesday day was pure hell.. I can't do this night after night after night of clubbing like I did when I was a young whippersnapper, The BEST thing I did was book my hotel until Wedneday morning. My flight was going out at midnight that night, I went back to my hotel room after cocoon closing, probably got into bed around 9 am, woke up a few time throughout the day and sucked on some zinc, 5 htp and repeated a few times and then got out of bed at 830 pm , had some dinner, packed up, checked out and dropped my car off at the airport and got on the plane.

Verdict/Is-it-as-good-as-it-used-to-be/Will you go back?

Every year I've been to ibiza ( 5 years) it has been different. Every year I have absolutely loved it; even if it gets more expensive, or they close some of my absolutely favourite parites (Matinee :cry: :cry:), or Bora Bora is so dead I don't even bother mentioning it in the main part of my review.

Every year I have enjoyed myself so much that I log on to a website with other people that are equally as obsessed with Ibiza as I am and I plan my next year's trips.

I always try to pack in as much as I can. I had never been for the closing parties before, so it was nice to experience that although I didn't see some of them as being that different than normal parties throughout the rest of the season. Even though the weather was sh!t for a couple of days it doesn't really matter. I love getting out and driving around in my car even if I have to wipers on in my car at full blast. I love how even though the streets of PDb are pretty dead, some of the people working at the bars still remember me and shout out "hello canada" when I walk by.

Although there have been many changes, I love going and meeting up with old faces, meeting and seeing new ones and really just having the absolute time of my life for 10 days. I think part of what makes Ibiza so special and what makes it even more special about going year after year is just the positive, amazing memories associated with it.

I do hope they relax the laws a bit, that maybe they bring back the day parties to noon, or at least let the day parties open on the weekends, so that Matinee and We Love can come back in full swing and that DC10 gets their licence

Even though (as you can see from my review) I love my clubbing and thats what brought me to the island in the first place, I would most definitely come back for a complete non-clubbing holiday.. a bit hard when you live as far away as I do, but would do it for sure if I lived a little closer.

Unfortunately I really didn't take any photos this year, so I hope if anyone has anyone they can pass them on please? :lol: I started out on a good note and took 7 videos at my first dc10 session but after that I just couldn't be bothered to take my camera out anymore as I don't need 67 more photos of Cala Jondal :lol:

Anyway, that was a really run on dribble of a review, but thanks for reading if you did. :lol:

To everyone I met out there, some of you for the first time, hope you have all recovered better than me and hope to see you all again soon :D xx

Great review and write up Meryl.
I am simply astonished at how much you managed to do on your trip to the island! it makes me feel even more pathetic that the one day we said we'd hire a car and go and look round the island we didn't because I was late getting out of bed.:rolleyes:
It's great that you saw as much by day and you did by night, Ibiza really is a beautiful island once you get out of the big population centers.

I wish I'd known about the Groove Armada party, sounded great8)
It was a pleasure and an honour to meet and party with you Meryl 8) I hope we have the pleasure again in the future. And bloody hell your memory is great :eek:

Meryl AKA : -

Like Ed says, I'm amazed how you kept going, i take my hat off to you. Although I gather you're not feeling too hot at the moment !!:(
Yeah this pretty much sums up my trip too so I don't think I will bother with a review, nice one and thanks.
Meryl great review, great stemina to keep up with all these parties, great lady u r... everything's just GREAT! :D

Keep the vibe alive and hopefully we'll meet again next year ;)