My Ibiza Review - 28/09-04/10


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Me and missus decided a while back to go to the white island again. Clare's worked over there 4 years ago (Orange Corner in San An) and we went last year - Doing Space on Sundays\Cocoon @ Amnesia\ Defected in the House Closing.
I really enjoyed last year so I was hoping more of the same.
We set off from Gatwick albeit a bit delayed - had a problem with virtually all of the planes on the 28th going out of Gatwick. Still we got there 3 hrs delayed at 3am pretty cheery excited at the week ahead. We stayed at the Jabeque Hotel in Figueretas - what a great hotel it was too spotlessly clean - fantastic sea view with Ibiza town in the background…All this for 200 quid and flight- fantastic value imo. Right on to the clubbing...
Got there at 9pm ish after a few bevs in Bora Bora - The place was rammed already, the sunset terrace was mobbed. Thought the music was a bit cheesy in there but it did the required effect. We moved over to the Terrace and then eventually the Discoteca. I wasn’t that impressed with the music this year to be honest. Jeff Mills was ok in the discoteca - Steve Lawler better on the terrace. In fact the best set I heard all night was Paul Woolfords on the terrace- he played really upbeat tech house and I was really impressed. Also the crowd seemed far more interested in looking sexy than the music. Too many hen do's and Essex style stilettos for my liking. It was good but not that good if you know what I mean. Best Moment when Jeff Mills stuck on 'Liquid Cherries' by Tiefschwartz- amazing crowd reaction.!
Best Day\Night of the holiday - Timo Mass was in town unfortunately Luciano dropped out got there around 6pm wasn’t packed up at all, perhaps everyone was saving themselves for Cocoon later on at Amnesia?? The terrace soon packed up- brilliant atmosphere, great people of all walks of life and nationalities. I heard Sis Trompetta a few times but virtually everything that was played this night I'd never heard of!! Am I that out of touch lol??
Decided after these 2 monster nights to chill and explore the island so we hired a Suzuki Jeep and went round the island. Went to Salinas Beach, San An and drove around the southern tip of the island. Great fun and can completely recommend this.
We also decided to have a nice meal and went to Ibiza town. I am absolutely ****ing love Ibiza town looks so nice and its great just taking in the chilled out atmosphere there. Clare decided on this little homely style restaurant called San Telmo - food was out of this world - Its just near Zoo Bar near the harbour - It comes totally recommended!!
Monza Closing @ Privilege
We couldn’t really afford to go to Cocoon this year- thought the 65 Euro tax was excessive but it is apparently the best night on the island. Instead we went to Monza @ Privilege - this was my choice simply because I have never been to the club.
The club on the outside I can only describe as being bizarre in the extreme. I can imagine the head architect devised the setup whilst on this 4th helping of magic mushrooms. Tacky in the extreme with silver flashing stitching the place up in parts. Its as if the club owners had it half complete then had about £100 to finish the rest off!!
Anyway as Clare told me the inside is really nice - and it is - and perhaps too big for its own good. It looked all a bit 80's I thought - what the **** is a swimming pool doing there?? The Dome was shut and other rooms were too. Great line up for the Monza night - Ricardo V, Luciano, Raresh etc… I really liked Tobi Neumann's set in the Coco loco bar too - In fact when he went Back to Back with Ricardo they had to turn the music off because it was so busy. It actually got dangerously busy and maybe I sound like a old man but I was a bit ****ed off with the complete lack of crowd control in the place. Heard some great music, probably wont go to Privilege again I can see it suited more big shows and people like Tiesto - I can also see why Manumission used to be held there.
All in all loved my time again on the Island. Virtually no stand out tracks I could tell you I am afraid - probably down to the fact there is zero promotion these days on digital releases. One thing I didn’t like is the fact that Bora Bora didn’t get the music on to 4.30pm- This will kill it imo. Maybe time to find another bar.
Looking forward to doing a quality soulful night if I go again- Perhaps Soul Heaven if its in El Divino again?
Nice review.

Did you get a chance to hear any of Zabiela and Fanciulli at WLS? They played the set of the night for me. They were on same time as Woolford I think.
I didnt I've heard him many times and he's very good- I dj'ed with him in Maidstone just as he was taking off- Nic is a throughly decent bloke. Good music :)
Privilege was actually the local San Rafel community's swimming pool first before it came a club. Three basque businessmen with a vision in 1978 built it up from nothing to what you see today. They bought Club Rafel and renamed it KU

The early 80,s saw KU as an international venue with many famous bands performing there. Then in 88 the local government forced the club to build a roof over its open air stage due to noise pollution.

The cost of building the roof ( which fell down during a storm),eventually saw KU go out of business and it eventually shut down in 1991.

It re-opened in 1994 under new management and was re-named Privilege. Manumission helped build the club back up again, and today Tiesto, is keeping the dream alive.

The place is steeped in history and should become a protected building on the Island.

Here is a link to KU when Freddy Mercury performed open air there.
there is something about the place that i loved. Went to priv on closing Monza night. Wasnt the best night but there was something incredibly tacky but so amazingly immense about the place.

The roof looks like a maniac was had a go with flashing!!!.

I would have loved to have gone to beefa when open air ruled. When did Es parasdis and Amnesia go roofed?
They were roofed around 1990. Es Paridis was designed by Lluís Guell, the same guy who designed Cafe Del Mar.

In my opinion its the most elegant club on the island.....pity about the music policy pursued there.