My holidays in Ibiza.


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I got back today, sad and dead tired, but after some hours of rest I feel able to write my review right now. September is definitely the best month to go, regardless we had more days with bad weather, there even were floods on the highway which borders the outskirts of Ibiza and on some streets, fearing we would get stuck there. It's a shame we didn't have enough time with good weather to visit again Formentera, and we didn't have time to do DC10, but we managed to visit many coves, the hippy market and some villages.

We also got to many parties, all luckily for free thanks to our connections, except Manumission the first day we arrived.

Sept 1st Monday
Arrived by ferry from Valencia at 8 more or less. Got to the hotel in Playa d'en Bossa and ready for our first night. We went to the bars around the harbor, and paid in advance two wristbands for Manumission and we also were put on the guest list for La Troya. We arrived to Privilege by taxi as we got our rented car next morning. It was very crowded and we returned back to the hotel at 5 as we had to get the car early. We saw the first lightnings over the North when returning from Privilege.

Sept 2nd Tuesday
We woke up early to get the car. Then we were hangin' around the town of Ibiza and had a rest. The day was half sunny and cloudy. In the evening we went to Space for Carl Cox's night. There we met a friend of us who's working there and whom we're very grateful because a big part of our great holidays is thanks to him. We got into Space for free every night and got some free passes for the other clubs we went to.
As for Carl Cox, I liked more the other techno DJ's and I think he's overrated. He's a great personality but his set was too monotonous for me. It was a very crowded night.

Sept 3rd Wenesday
We woke up late and then we drove to the hippy market at Es Canà. The day was gray and dull and soon it began to pour a bit. The hippy market was packed, there were even long traffic jams on the road. When we were returning to the hotel it began to rain heavily, mainly near Ibiza, and the highway had flooded so that only all-terrain cars dared to drive on the right lane.
This night we went to La Troya @ Amnesia. It was one of our best nights. Awesome house music, very crowded night, colourful people (it's the most colorful party on the island with the most flamboyant and bizarre people, and that's a thing I like a lot). We got back to the hotel for a little rest as we wanted to go to La Troya after-party.

Sept 4th Thursday
La Troya After-party in the morning. Quite a crowded party with funky house music in the terrace and harder house inside, like most parties in Space. We were sleeping the rest of the day and at night our friend in Space invited us to the party this night Café Olé. And as we didn't fancy either Cream nor Ministry we went there thinking on being for a while. The inside was very crowded and most of the people were american gays from a cruiser. They went mental there, and really looked to spend a great night (is no wonder taking into account that Space inside has the best sound system in the world and a good DJ played this night). So this was a good night for an unknown party.

Sept 5th Friday
After resting all morning and as this was a sunny day we went to the North, to cala Xarraca. The water was full of seaweeds, maybe because of the stormy weather of the last days, so we decided to go to another one, Aigües Blanques. But the sea was very choppy and besides the undertow was strong so that I was like a puppet on hands of the sea, so I got scared and got out quickly. Playa d'en Bossa was quieter and then finally we got a bath there.
We went at night to Pure Pacha. Good music. When Sasha arrived he played an amazing music, a very electronic house I would say. However even though Pacha is the most gorgeous club on the island I don't like that ultra-posh atmosphere. It also was the most packed night. So we decided to go early (3'30 or 4) to be fresh in Matinee at Space.

Sept 6th Saturday
Drove to Space early for Matinee. This was a great and very crowded party. We had a rest afterwards and at night just some drinks by the harbor. We also met an italian friend called Giangiu who's a DJ and plays in Electrochurch at Pin-up on Tuesday nights.

Sept 7th Sunday
Shopping morning in Ibiza town. Next we met up Giangiu and got lunch in his flat.

In the afternoon....We Love Sundays @ Space. We arrived there at 7pm. It was rammed. Lawler rocked the terrace. What a great set!! I think it was the best party. We listened to some old hits like Sweet Dreams Are made Of This, or one remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit. When the terrace closed we still stayed inside till 2 or 3 more or less. And then we listened to a great set Laurent Garnier or John Aquaviva performed (I don't know who of them was playing, but he didn't have a long hair Garnier used to have). We stayed for a while just in the middle of the dancefloor, where the sound is more outstanding than in any place I've been to in my whole life.

Sept 8th Monday
This morning we went to some of the Western coves: Cala d'Hort, Cala Vadella, cala Molí. The last is the one I liked more. Amazing crystal waters, perfect for snorkelling. There is a restaurant with pool where they apparently set up shows for British people under the sun.

In the evening we went to Pin-Up, our friend Giangiu managed to let us in for free. The terrace was rammed and full of groovy people. As we still had 1 free pass for Amnesia and another one for Privilege, we did both of them this night. First of all went to Cocoon @ Amnesia. I didn't think Richie Hawtin was sooo hard inside. I didn't like that speedy techno. It really sucked and was packed with kids, so we danced for some hours on the terrace, where the DJ was playing quality techno (mainly minimal) at bearable BPMs. It was a pity the terrace was a little empty. It deserved to be crowded.
Afterwards we went to Manumission, but we preferred to stay in Coco Loco Room and the backroom. By the way, what a cool music in the backroom (quality techno, minimal, electro...). I enjoyed it a lot.

Sept 9th Tuesday
After resting all morning long, we were hangin' around Ibiza town. Had another rest and went to Carl Cox's night Closing party, but to say goodbye our friend of Space and dance a little. We already were very tired and we had to leave Ibiza next day early. However we had a very good time. It was f#ck1ng packed! Then we went to Electrochurch @ Pin-Up to see our fiend Giangiu DJing. I think I have become fond of electro music. I think this is the future of clubbing and it adds fresh air to the Ibiza beats.
The inner room was quite empty but the people were there for it. I think you should try this party and the electro sound. The beats change constantly so it never becomes monotonous, and breakbeats are very common. I think it must be pretty difficult to play this type of sound.

Sept 10th Wednesday
Woke up early and then a taxi to the harbour. And now I'm here again tired and sad, but with a wide smile each time I think about the best holidays in my life. :)
Tiger, it was Garnier. He followed a wicked set by Layo & Bushwacka and a 45-minute storming live techno set by Scan X. Garnier played from 3:15 till the close. One of the best sets I've ever heard.

Sounds like you had a top time going to all the good parties.

See ya @ Space next year
Ditto, nice review! How'd you like all that rain on Tuesday/Wednesday?
Pin-up was pretty cool, eh? I walked past it a hundred times but never
checked it out.....
Pin-Up is fab mainly on Monday evening after DC10. And I would also recommend (again :oops: ) Electrochurch to try that sound. It's f**king great indeed!! You will hardly find it boring.
Unluckily Garlands and Soul Heaven failed in this venue.

andre, of course, maybe we'll see each other in Space next year!! ;)
The only thing I could do after DC-10 this year was mumble unintelligibly and sleep :oops:
I overdid it--learned my lesson though, take it slow!
I didn't remember to mention that I didn't reach to see anyone with a blue wristband at We Love Sundays on the 7th as some people told they would be going to wear (N8, and others,...).

The place was sooo rammed that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Moreover I was not in my best conditions to watch for it :p The only effective way for me would have been raising placards :lol:
I guess what I mean by take it slow is not drink a liter of vodka before going
to DC-10. That puts one @ slight disadvantage over the long haul.
......I was there waving my arm about like a loony....shouting "Any Spotlighters here"........I probably looked like Attila the no wonder i didnt meet up with anyone....had a great time there though..
scousejohn said:
......I was there waving my arm about like a loony....shouting "Any Spotlighters here"........I probably looked like Attila the no wonder i didnt meet up with anyone....had a great time there though..

Hehehe. That would have been almost impossible due to the cheering and the music and people talking. Moreover the blue wristbands are not that good idea we though it was. Next year it would be better to think about another thing.