My (first time) experience in Ibiza


Richie Rich

Hi there!

Aged 29, a bunch of us did what we should have done years ago and spent a long weekend in Ibiza. We flew in the evening of Friday 13th September and arrived at our apartments in Ibiza Town just in time to hit the Ministry of Sound night at Pacha.

To be honest, this was a bit of a disappointment. I'm not a huge fan of big clubs as they can lose the collective 'togetherness' vibe I like, and Pacha didn't help that with its design & layout - just felt the whole place to be a little broken up & segregated & it just didn't seem geared up for dancing! That was apparent with the crowd that were there, very 'cokey' and were more interested in standing around being cool than dancing. One (english) girl even criticised us as one of the girls in our group was a bit 'messy' and was getting touchy-feely with one of the sofas! Apparently it wasn't the 'done thing' to be in that state in Pacha and we'd get thrown out... The night wasn't a loss though - we did have fun - and left at 5 am. One quick change at our apartment and we piled down to Bora Bora bar to watch the sun come up & chill, before hitting the lager-shandies as soon as the bar opened! They must put something in those drinks, they really sort you out! The tunes coming from Bora Bora on Saturday afternoon however prompted the consumption of items normally reserved for clubs and we got somewhat twisted...

Saturday 14th evening was a much needed more chilled out affair (saving ourselves for Space!) where we hit the bars in Ibiza Town (Base bar in particular) before going on to KM5. Was really impressed with this, beautiful decor (and a cool art exhibition), but I was suprised at how few people there were! In fact everyone we spoke to commented that Ibiza was really quiet that season...

Sunday 15th at Space absolutely ROCKED!!!! We arrived at 3 pm and the terrace was already jumping. In hindsight I think we could have got there earlier (midday? earlier? what time does that place get going?) though! What awesome music (funky, uplifting, PROPER house!)!!! The crowd was really cool too, all the various nationalities really seemed to gel & drop barriers (I did not get this impression from Pacha!) and met some cool people outside the toilets. Highlight of the afternoon - the whole crowd singing along to Jungle Brothers 'Ill House You" early evening at some point, with the DJ (cant remember which one) cutting the sound entirely at one point with everyone singing! Wow, this still gives me the tingles... Lottie I thought brought the pace down a bit too much late evening, then Dave Beer played some wickidly funky break beat before f***ing up the levels & mix near then end (to a few boos), before whacking Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer with some impressive air guitar. Couldn't work out if that was a good or bad end to the evening? With the terrace in no-music chillout mode, we headed inside for Sasha. Wasn't expecting the TOTALLY different vibe that 'inside' at Space was from the terrace - the 'funky, uplifting, happy & smiley' vibe gave way for a much darker feel for both the light,music & ambience. I personally didn't like it as I find the stompy tribal & progressive style of music a bit dull to dance to, but a few of our bunch loved it and stayed til the end.

Monday - am afraid to say I wasn't in any fit state to go to DC10 which I'm gutted about, headed down to Bora Bora again for some sun & shandy (nice!). Amusing watching a couple of girls with dreads off their nut most of the afternoon dancing like loons! The evening saw a nice meal in Ibiza Town. Its funny, noone on this website seems to talk about the non-clubbing aspects of Ibiza! All you have to do is take an evening off and walk around, the town is lovely - we even walked to the top of the hill/castle and took in the fantastic view! After a few drinks at the bars we then headed across the bay to El Divino for a closing party feat Nick Warren & Dave Seaman. Wasn't sure what to expect from this place as it had been hyped up to be a bit posey (more so than Pacha) but we had a wicked time. The crowd was really cool, again a mix of nationalities of the happy-friendly variety, the music was wicked funky progressive (as opposed to dark sasha stylee) with a few slabs of break-beat thrown in, and it wasnt that busy. The view across the bay from the terrace is beautiful! Stumbled out at closing time 7am-ish having had a stormer of a night.

Our last day tuesday was spent once again at Bora Bora - great tunes (especially on monday), wish I'd bought one of their mix CD's!

In hindsight:
* Money - even with free guestlists on all clubs I still spent £500+ in four nights/days. I'm too afraid to check my balance to see the real damage...
* Pacha - was anyone else there that night and did they think more of it than us? Or would I be right in saying that Ministry of Sound attracts the wrong crowd? That said, I know people who went there the following friday who loved it... Really wish I'd gone to the Def Mix night though...
* Space/DC10 - I personally think the terrrace is the best part of Space, and next time I'll leave at midnigh for Bora Bora and a bit of shut-eye before heading straight to DC10!
* Clubbing vs culture - for me 4 days wasn't enough, we tried to cram the clubbing in and only had a taster of the life and culture that Ibiza can offer - next time 1 week, 3/4 clubnights max and some sightseeing!!!

All in all though it was a great experience definitely to be remembered (my short-term memory is resuming normality) and revisited...

hi rich,

have just got round to reading the review - nice one. love the comment about us heathens on the board not talking about culture ;)

you'd be surprised, there are quite a few of us flying the flag for the odd day off to go the beach, sightseeing, formentera, etc.

in fact there are some great posts here on the board about what to do when not clubbing.

agree with you about pacha - can be funny sometimes, allthough as a venue i think it can't be beat. i was at several defmix parties this summer, which never got going (and that's with men of themoment djs satoshi tomeii, david morales, etc - oh well).

glad you enjoyed!
Richie Rich said:
After a few drinks at the bars we then headed across the bay to El Divino for a closing party feat Nick Warren & Dave Seaman. The view across the bay from the terrace is beautiful!

true!! :D


Richie Rich said:
* Clubbing vs culture - for me 4 days wasn't enough, we tried to cram the clubbing in and only had a taster of the life and culture that Ibiza can offer - next time 1 week, 3/4 clubnights max and some sightseeing!!!

very wise words indeed!! ;)
Thats one very interesting detailed review, definately worth a read! Although I have to second what robo said, check the rest of the forum, if you have a nose round you can find plenty of stuff that doesnt relate to clubs or dancing. I have taken part in many of these discussions as I havent even been there yet and cant comment on the clubs.

McRackin, well done again on being right in there with the appropriate photos! ;)
Good review
I did a review but it was too long and it wouldn't go on
I might type a shorter version sometime.
Pacha is the best venue but there are many posers there, if i had to choose between them and louts i'd choose them though.
i also find that pacha has the dj's and music that i like.
As long as there are enough people dancin then the posers don't bother me.
i can see why you enjoyed El Devino, I like it there too because its smaller and more compact and u pick up the atmosphere there, and all the posers are sat on the terrace, out of the way.
We usually go for 2 weeks and take regular 'easy' nights.

Just going for a nice meal in Ibiza town, walking up the castle etc.

We went to Formentera for first time last year, which was like paradise.

Only going for 1 week this year though so lots to fit in. Probably do We Love Sundays at Space and Subliminal at Pacha, then make the most of the holiday doing other things.