My Birthday in Ibiza - Invitation to everyone



Afternoon Everyone,

Well the sun is shining here in blightly to get me in the mood for Ibiza (hooray less than a week to go at last!!!!)

I am celebrating my 30th Birthday next Thursday evening through into Friday.

So if anyone wants to come along and have a few drinks etc. on Thursday 19th - I will be at the Cream Pre-Party at Coastline in San Antonio Bay (cheers for the info on that McCrakin)!!!!!

I'll be the tall fat bloke (harsh but fair) in a white shirt, 3/4 length grey trousers and a group of about 8 of us. We should be fairly easy to spot as a couple of my mates are Asian (1 with a craig david style beard) -and most of us are over 6ft tall so we should stand out (I hope)!

Hope to see some of you guys down there, and anyone up for Oakenfold @Cream afterwards is welcome to join us (although I know you house feinds out there will be off to Ministry).

Special thanks to Saffy for the suggestion!!!!


:) I'll be there ... and my sock .. oh, and Mike aswell !
Toffer ... I'd bring a cake, but I think I'd be stopped at customs! hehe

I think I've probably had more than my fair share of cake over the years :oops: !

Plus 30 candles is a fire hazard!
I'll be there, cos it's my birthday too on the 19th june! Me and my mates were planning to do that anyway. :D
Aww Ruth .. will be good to meet you ... and you too Toffypops!

Wonder what the best time to get to Coastline will be ?
Coastline it is then. Me and my other half are going to meet LagunaBeachCA off this board that night to go to Cream and were planning on going to one of the pre parties anyway.

So we will help you celebrate your 30th in style Toffer!! Will be good to meet you seeing as we're practically neighbours here in England :D :D :D

As Saffy asked, what time will you lot be heading down?
Nice one scottish-helen!

Er dunno what time we will get there - probably about 8 O'Clock I would imagine! Will try to remember that time!!!!!!

Should be a great night, can't wait to see Oakey!!!!!
Ii'll bring the sock!

AM a bit quiet today ... hungover .. BADLY ! Poor me!
Yep it's the highlight of my holiday also!!!!

Can't go wrong really
1) Get to meet some of you guys which is cool
2) Get to see Oakey and Tall Paul @Cream which is just about perfect
3) And I get to celebrate my birthday

Job's a good un!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Toffer - will be in Coastline!
My 30th was on Sunday, and am still suffering. Fly out on Monday, but will be off to Ministry after Coastline! Happy Birthday!!