Muziky Question



I have a question 'bout music for you people.
I lurrrve house music. Unfortunately I detest trancey music with a passion - seems to be alot of it around.
Am really into labels such as Classic and Music for Freaks, and DJs like Derrick Carter, Justin Harris, Heather. That sorta stuff......
Am off to Ibiza on Sat (first time), so just wondering if anyone might have any tips on places/nights i may not have heard of, where i might catch music up my street ?????

Hello !
I also love house music and don´t care that much about trance either.
My advice to you is: don´t miss Roger Sanchez weekly residence on Mondays at Pacha. The party is called Release Yourself or something like that and it´s said to be unique. I think it´s a safe bet; he drove us wild in Brazil in 2001 and besides you don´t have so many other options on Monday - unless you like techno (then it´s Cocoon @ Amnesia for sure) or dare to risk Manumission @ Privilege (they say it´s a must for newcomers, but too touristy and without a genuine vibe).
I´d also advise you to attend Subliminal at Pacha on Wednesdays (check the line up at this site), but I´m sure that´s no new advice to you.
Hope to have helped.
Monday night: Release yourself w/ Roger Sanchez @ Pacha
Tuesday night: Miss Monneypenneys @ El Divino for soulful house
Renaissance @ Amnesia for the deeper darker kind
Wednesday night: Subliminal/Underwater @ Pacha
Thursday night: Made in Italy @ Pacha OR Salvation @ El Divino
Friday night: MOS @ Pacha OR (if still open) Stereo @ Amnesia
Saturday night: Defmix @ Pacha OR Zenith @ Amnesia
Sunday night: Stay @ the terasse of Space
Cheers Ziggy and a big "obrigado" to you Thiago.
Sanchez and Subliminal were already on the list. Who knows what else will turn up ??
De nada, Stet (you´re welcome)... ;)

Ziggy´s suggestions are pretty much what I would recommend. I´m a big fan of prog house (we don´t have prog nights in Brazil, our scene is all about techno, psy-trance and dnb) so I can´t wait to hit Renaissance.

Considering your musical taste you shouldn´t miss Def Mix @ Pacha on Saturdays, because Frankie Knuckles will be playing. 8)

Don´t bother investigating other alternatives. Ibiza´s main clubs are only those ones you´ve found out and everybody recommends. No big surprises (and it doesn´t mean they´re not good !) Maybe it´s better to stick to the true-and-tested. And also do some chill in at the pre-parties at bars... perhaps there you can be surprised with something different than you were expecting... :p
You are welcome..

Dont forget that Defmix also has David Morales.. who spins great US house

Thiago, do you go sometimes to Buenos Aires; I heard their prog scene there is amazing!!!!!!!
Hi Ziggy !!!
Yes, I go to Buenos Aires when I can. It´s actually much cheaper than travelling into my own country !
You are right, their electronica scene is more about house and prog. The main club of BA is Pacha (yes, a branch of the legend). There are great parties, always on Saturdays: Clubland, Cream, Renaissance, Dance Nation...
Wanna know the most amazing part of it ? D´you know those "stops" that occur in the middle of a prog song ? (I don´t know how you call them in English, comedown, breakdown, whatever). Well, every time the DJ stops the music like that, EVERYBODY (I mean everybody) gives hands to each other and gets down to a crawl position as if they were putting an egg on the floor. Then the music starts buzzing slowly... building... building... and by the time it explodes, everybody JUMPS together and explode with it !!! it´s fantastic, awesome, such a damn vibe !! :D Don´t mean to compare it to Ibiza, but they also have a great vibe at Pacha Buenos Aires !
Hmmm... yes, they´re worth checking, but Brazilian women are even more gorgeous... ;) Besides, they don´t need to use SO MUCH makeup to feel confident they´re fine... :D
Hmmm... yes, they´re worth checking, but Brazilian women are even more gorgeous... Besides, they don´t need to use SO MUCH makeup to feel confident they´re fine...

Wait till u see the hunnies in Ibiza boys...oh my god...breathtaking...never seen soo many gorgeous women in my life...cant wait till next yr ;)

:?: All these music genres leave me more than just a little confused. I couldn't tell you what the differences are among House, Trance, GOA, Drum and Bass, Techno, Electronica, et. al., but I know what I like when I hear it. Can anybody explain?

Radio sucks in the Bay Area.