Music documentaries


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don't have time now but search telekom electronic beats, red bull music academy, noisey and Resident Advisor + endless archived BBC stuff on youtube


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i was reading ibz mag from past years
This mag with adds for Dj mag competion with pages "vote for me" with lots of EDM posers (after boys/girls band ,the new trend for teenagers?) i've had never heard the name 🤔 and even djs that looks like teenagers 🤣
I hope Corona virus will destroy this genre from earth 🙏
Watchin this !


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not really a music documentary, but an artistically made short film with music of damian lazarus:

"Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons present ‘Heart of Sky’ - a unique short film collaboration with fast rising Lebanese director Jessy Moussallem."


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I haven't seen it personally, but I'm distinctly aware that there's an ancient raver documentary called Better Living Through Circuitry. I had the soundtrack, but I'm not terribly big on documentaries. It may be just me (very possible...) but do documentaries have a penchant for hyperbole? LOL