moviestar mobile handset required


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i am moving to ibiza in 4 weeks and need a second hand movistar mobile handset to use when i get there. i have tried on ebay and found nothing. is it easy to buy one second hand in a local store?


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hi- i'm just having a look through the forum, and maybe this will help you- movistar is the service provider. when you get to ibiza and turn your fone on it will automatically search for a new provider -one is movistar or the other one is amena. you will find that your fone operates on one of these networks. i have samsung and LG fones, also a nokia. and the new network has worked on these. i am sure that you don't require a new handset but somebody else is better to confirm this. good luck.
you would be better buying a cheap spanish phone , it wont cost u as much ringin and phoning people then... as the tarrifs are quite high when in europe than in england!

i was in bendiorm last week and i rung a few spanish numbers and english numbers and then when i checked my balance i had nothing left after puttin £30 on it.

hope this helps.



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not coming to ibiza now the barstewards at the school withdrew the offer of a job, so now left with 2 1 way flights we cant use, no house, no car, no furniture and no jobs in the UK

nice people in ibiza i seems. wont be visiting for some time, scorned!!