Motorbikes on the island?

Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by OllieNotts, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I know you can hire a scooter and I know there's lots of folk riding them in flip flops and shorts but as I've recently got into bikes on a bigger scale I'm wondering if you can hire a moto 125 instead of a ped?
    Or even bigger?
    As I'm getting used to commuting on a nice 125 it's making me think a bike is probably the best way to get around the island so instead of renting a car can I get a 125/250 and how does the price compare to a car?
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    I would wait until you're more experienced on a bigger bike at home and then hire something with a bit more weight over in Ibiza. The problem is that 125's tend to have thin wheels and tyres and what with the much harder compound of tarmac plus the dust it's much better if you can have as much rubber as possible on the road surface. This goes double if there's even so much as a few spots of rain which pretty much turns the road into a skid pan on a smaller bike. I would advise waiting until you can hire something of at least 500cc or above because you'll also be that much more visible to other road users (not that it would make much difference in Ibiza :cool: ).
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