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This is a really weird question, but I must ask this. How do you Ibiza Holiday travellers deal with the mosquito problem in Ibiza? Last time I was on the Island we stayed in San Rafael in a villa and I got eaten alive by mosquitos. I tried everything like wearing scentless lotions, wearing bug repelant, citronella candles etc.... but they still ate me alive. I think I had 37 bug bites in all. So, is the mosquito problem less of a problem in the hotels and resorts or did they just like me? A few bug bites are one thing, but 37 is ridiculous not to mention uncomfortable and itchy. Any advice on how to repel the mosquitos or knowledge on the mosquito problem would be much appreciated! Thanks! :D
i don't really get biten by mosquitos, and i don't really do anything to protect them. I just make sure that all my lights are off whenever i'm in the apartment.....
If you stay in the north, San Juan, for example, there are mosquitos the size of trucks.
I think it is fairly true to say that the more built up develpments are less buggy than the countryside, just like anywhere else :eek:
If that's true then I feel better. It's not that the mosquito's will ruin my time it's just that they like me a lot I guess and they make huge red welts of itchyness on my skin and make me very uncomfortable! I hope they don't feast on me again! :cry:
the stagnation of waters in ses salines produces the proliferation of mosquitos during the summer - specially after it has rained. in the south of ibiza is where you will find more mosquitos!! :idea:


Hee! Hee! I could see myself floating around Ibiza this summer with an outfit of mosquito swatters. I will become the token mosquito swatter girl of Ibiza. But seriously, any good lotions out there to repel the stupid damn mosquitos? :D
try a lotion called goibi!! ;)

at home i use a traditional remedy against them: albaca (basil leaf). that plant repels the fricking mosquitos!! :twisted:

Thank you sooooooo much! I hope that stuff helps! I love the little mosquito figures you put up. They make those stupid damn mosquitos look sooooo cute, but they are evil little blood suckers! Hee! Hee! :lol:

Hi Susie,
My husband has a severe reaction to mosquitos bites. His motto is be prepared. Two weeks before visiting Ibiza take extra strength vit.B tablets and one week before start taking antihistamine tablets. Whilst on there keep up the tablets use a plug in repellent and immediately treat any bites. It may seem like a fag but this year it did work. You are not safe from the little buggers anywhere. The airport is lethal being as it it so close to Las Salinas.
Susie said:
I love the little mosquito figures you put up. They make those stupid damn mosquitos look sooooo cute, but they are evil little blood suckers!

nah - they are cute!! :twisted:

---> where is susie - where is susie? :lol:
Hell yeah I counted them. The damn things were soooo big and red that ofcourse I counted them. I guess I was just curious to see how many stupid damn mosquito bites I actually received! Hee! Hee! :lol:

McRackin why are you trying to scare me! You brought back memories of those stupid damn mosquitos infesting my room and attacking me. Me scared! Hee! Hee! :lol:

Thanks for the info Krislyon! :D
I usually get eaten alive by mosquitos but last year when I stayed in San An I was pleasantly suprised by the lack of mosquitos. They must be scared off by all the alcohol in the blood of the average San Antonio dweller!

I tended to find more of those evil looking giant double-barrelled wasps that used to scare the shite out of you when they got trapped in your room!!
Aww, poor Susie girl! I didn't get one bug bite last year. I do know one thing... if you smoke weed they won't touch you... just it emanating from your pores seems to keep them away. Could be a myth, but I've found that it works :D Hahaha! But its not like you want to spend your entire trip stoned.