Mortgage Brokers


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Do they have Independent Mortgage brokers in Ibiza? if so do any speak English?

I'm looking to buy a place this year and would prefer to buy it with a mortgage.

Any help much appreciated.
only from hearsay not knowledge or experience but I understood that Spanish property law is so complicated it's best done through English companies specialising and also you must put down a 30% non refundable deposit on agreeing to purchase and then get taxed about 50% of any profit when you sell
nish you are cordially invited to join us in the real world every once in a while.

it isn't a joke. it's capital gains tax. it happens in liverpool toooooooooo.
Are you going to move to and live in ibiza permanntly? If so then capital gains tax wont apply. It only will if its a holiday home/second home/rental investment.
Could you not get around that by claiming that you live there on a full time basis?
How could they prove that you dont?
Dont you need most of these things even if it is just a holiday home?
You could leave a light on all year round!!
true capital gains tax only applies to second homes. the main residence is exempt. i think the rate is 35% in spain!
as for mortgage brokers - i don´t think there are any in ibiza. most people go to a bank where you will need security against the loan, insurance AND some proof that you will be able to make the repayments - such as a work contract.
I'm looking to only get a holiday home and have looked at various ways around the CGT issue such as buying it in an offshore company i set up.

Do you have to pay CGT if you upgrade? I'm only going to buy an apartment at first with a view to getting a villa in the future.


If they don't have mortgage brokers, do they have lists in the spanish sunday papers saying which banks do the best deals like they do in the uk? If so can anyone scan a page and i can get it translated.