has anyone seen eric morillo?? is he worth seeing at pacha on sept 18th?

thnx for the help
I'm sure you are going to get lots of replies to this a massive fan of the Subliminal Playboy, I have to say a big YES to going to see him at Pacha!! I've seen him about a dozen times just this year alone, one being at Pacha..go along and I guarentee you wont forget it!! He is fantastic, and you will be wondering what the f*** was that tune he played all the way back to England!!ENJOY :lol:
Seen him a few times now, never let us down, definatly gets two thumbs up

yes!!!! eric was one of the best dj's i saw you can't afford to miss out on this oppurtunity
You HAVE to see him. Technically and musically they don't get much better than this guy!! Saw him twice in Ibiza and he rocks.
Yep u definatly can say that he's one of the best; u really should go and chack it out; I'll promise u ; u won't regret was one of the best nights on the island ;)
i think my girlfriend wants to leave me for morillo....

thats how good she rates him!!!!
Doddy said:
i think my girlfriend wants to leave me for morillo....

thats how good she rates him!!!!

LOL That's what my boyfriend says about me, I literally go stalking the man Morillo round the poor boyfriend he has been dragged to Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Homelands, Ibiza in my mission to stalk Erick :p
I heard a rumour that it might be Darren Emerson playing at Subliminal on September 18th as opposed to Erick Morillo, which is says on the spotlight club listings.

Can anyone confirm this? As good as Emerson is, I've already seen him in Glasgow and would prefer to see Morillo who I've yet to see.
My last night at Pacha (21/8/02) we experienced Choo Choo, Fat Boy and Eric.

I have been clubbing for 8 years and can honestly say this was the best event of my career. Every single tune was better than the last - found it difficult to even drag myself away from Funky Room - the music in here was pure quality.

Beautiful club, beautiful people, beautiful music - life just doesn't get any better.

Really, really down to be back in this shithole, but will be there to see the god Morillo at Bed in Sheffield next Saturday. Obviously wont compare to Pacha but hope to see some Ibiza veterans there to liven the vibe.

My memories are taking over my life !!!!
i saw him at pacha 2 weeks ago.
i personally think he's the most over rated dj in the world.
he should be playing trance...holy breakdowns batman!
I have never put him on a pedestal, but he can work a crowd - not quite a well as DT though.