Morbyd's Monster September 2009 Review! (05.09-16.09)


As an aside, there’s a black gentleman who came in halfway through our meal. He hung around like an employee but didn’t serve, and greeted us on our way out. I’ve seen him before somewhere but can’t place him. Help anyone??
thats robert, the owner..... reallyreallyreally nice guy!! :idea:

great detailed review, as usual!! 8)


thats robert, the owner..... reallyreallyreally nice guy!! :idea:

great detailed review, as usual!! 8)
Thanks guys, and thank you again, Mr Mac, for all the restaurant ideas!
Next year, in addition to consulting your posts, I will ask for your specific recommendations ;)

What did Robert do before? I know I've seen him somewhere else! Maybe just around town...


Food: Cas Mila Cala Tarida
I’d wanted to go to the village of San Augustin for dinner but Irina insisted on something seaside, :evil: so we went to Cala Tarida and I have to give her credit because it was a perfect choice. :D We’d tried to go to Cas Mila last year but we came during their break between lunch and dinner. This time, they opened just as we arrived. Before we even started eating, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset of the trip. Then the symphony of taste began: for me, heavenly tuna tartare with big portion of big chunks of marinated fish and a side of reduced balsamic. For Irina, delicious gazpacho with a hint of smoky flavor to it and various additives (minced celery, green pepper, etc.) served on the side. I had the roasted lamb shoulder for a main course and Irina went with the monkfish with a flavorful clam and shrimp sauce. Both came with a side of asparagus and potatoes. Best meal of the trip! Total with beers and wines, 89 euros. Good service too. Highly recommended!!
cas mila = a locals' favourite and open all year round

taken last sunday:


can yucas


posta de sol
and pangea


cas mila


ses eufabies
and torre mar

more piccies


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good review!, im going sept 1st for 2 weeks so good to hear the weather is still decent this time as ive always gone july/august.