Morbyd's Massive Sept. 2008 Ibiza Review! (pull up a chair, it's a long one)


Hey folks. Here’s my annual contribution to the myriad retellings of adventures good and bad on the magical White Isle we all love so much. I’ll try to keep it brief, but it won’t be, and I sincerely apologize for that.

As is my tradition, I’ll try to include a few observations on various things so as to hopefully be useful to someone, somewhere out there. It is a review, after all. Likewise, as is my tradition, I’ll highlight in bold key words so that you can pick out things of interest and avoid my other dribble.

This year’s sojourn was our 8th annual visit to Ibiza. Various events conspired against our now-traditional visit for opening parties in the 2nd half of June this year, so we reverted to a closing party schedule as last done in 2003. The change in timing was somewhat unfortunate - I visit Ibiza to party, relax, explore and eat, but poor Irina loves to sunbathe and swim. For people like her, the weather in late September this year was, to put it succinctly, crap. But we had an amazing time nonetheless, she included. Perhaps one of our better visits in some ways. Rock on.

After this visit, I can truly say that I love the island more today than the day we arrived. Ibiza still has it. It is still the best place on Earth. If you don’t agree, well, there’s a level of hell specially reserved for you when you die. God help you. ;)

So, without further adieu…

--------- Sunday (Sept. 21) ---------
We arrived in Ibiza after a very active weekend (5 party marathon in Moscow on Friday, opening of Matter in London with Carl Cox on Sat., Chelsea v Man U and lots of post-match drinks on Sun.), but I had a surprising amount of energy when we landed. Must be Es Vedra. We got in too late to go to We Love @ Space, unfortunately, thanks to the unbelievably inconvenient flight times offered by EasyJet from Gatwick… and you have to race like an Olympic sprinter for a seat. I think I prefer flying through Barca or Madrid and catching Iberia or SpanAir (although SpanAir is not yet forgiven for last year’s luggage “misplacement” and the 5 days to get our bags from Mallorca to Ibiza. Grrrr. Sorry, I digress… ).

At the airport, AurigaCrown was the auto rental agency we’d been signed up by our agent, and they have a window right inside the arrival area. We got our car keys right about the time we got our baggage. I love efficiency 8) I called as we were leaving to tell them about a broken rear windshield wiper and they said no problem, swing by tomorrow and we’ll give you another car. Oh, and we were upgraded for free too.

We drove to Playa den Bossa and checked in to the Hotel Garbi Ibiza. This newly-remodeled 4-star hotel is a definite step up from its former incarnation as a 3-star apart-hotel where we’d stayed the past 3 years. The entrance hall is all shiny, the cavernous lobby/bar area has been updated, and the rooms outfitted with new furniture (loved the new mattresses and balcony chairs). A second wardrobe replaced the kitchenette but you’ve still got a refrigerator so all is well (we picked up a cheap electric teapot from La Sirena across the street). Also, that little parking lot in front of the hotel has been gated (it was formerly public) and opens with your room key. No more searching for parking! And if you have to stay connected as I do, you can’t beat the free hotel-wide WiFi, now with tons more access points and strong signals everywhere :D

--------- Monday ---------
I started the day with lunch, which we had across the street at the Bowling Center across from Garbi. That’s right, I’m highlighting this place because they make a killer doner kebab which they put in a freshly baked wrap made to order. Yum! Afterwards, we gathered supplies for the hotel room (beer, Aquarius, coffee, etc.). Irina later made it out to the beach at Garbi where the attendant recognized her immediately. It was about the only hot day of the trip.

Meanwhile, I headed over to CircoLoco 10th Anniversary @ DC10. Arriving around 5pm, the place was still pretty empty. It was about like it used to be at 3pm prior to the new, later opening times. As with before, it was filled up an hour or so later and packed after a couple of hours. Luciano v Ricardo Villalobos came on after 9pm and the place just went wild. One of the sets of the trip, these guys were in fine form. :D :D Great atmosphere in the club even if it gets a little too crowded. Nostrum’s balloons added all kinds of fun to the proceedings (a balloon branded with the Morbyd “M” symbol apparently stayed alive and in the air for a couple of hours 8) :lol:)

Went home after for a quick shower and change, picked up the missus, and headed straight to Cocoon @ Amnesia. I’d been on the fence about going to Release Youreself @ Pacha, since Sven Vath wasn’t on the bill for this edition of Cocoon, but I’m glad I went to Amnesia. I admit to not being very impressed by Ritchie Hawtin’s set but Magda did a fab job on the terrace, which I enjoy more than the main room. Nice remodeling job in there too with more room and better sound. Amnesia was busy but not too crowded (especially for a Cocoon) which was fine by me. Good night overall.

--------- Tuesday ---------
As the rains settled in over Playa den Bossa, we thought things looked a little brighter up north. So, as soon as I pulled myself together mid-afternoon, we went for a drive through the quaint village of San Juan, the small resort of Cala de San Vincent and then, finally, Portinatx.The rains had followed us so no beach joy but we did sit down for lunch at Restaurant C’as Mallorqui, a locally run café and hostel which served us up a nice fresh salad and a very delicious black paella. The furnishings are simple but there is a great view of the sea and coastal rock formations from the windows and the service was great. About 50 euros including a few drinks. For those who haven’t been, I think of Portinatx as competing with Puerto de San Miguel to be the commercial capital of the north coast. You get some older tourists and families, and it’s a nice quaint little town.

Irina took the night off but I headed to Bora Bora (more on BB later) to meet up with the gang, with whom I shared a very amusing incident with a young Canadian guy :lol: ;) After we went to a special one-off party with Laurent Garnier at Space. :D We started in the terrace then went inside (to escape a drum & base set) where Garnier was blowing minds and leg muscles in the discoteca before taking his bags outside at 3am to finish on the terrace with an even better set :D All kinds of styles in there from techno to house to even rock but almost everything fit. Another set-of-the-trip contender. 8). As with Amnesia the night before, the party was plenty busy but not packed so room to move around. Perfect. Afterwards, followed the crew to a friend’s apartment for a relaxing nightcap. One of our crew, who shall remain nameless, lost the ability to speak :lol: ;)

--------- Wednesday ---------
A late start for me that afternoon after a bit of lazing around the room. We popped down to Moorea’s Restaurant in the Jet complex in PdB for an early dinner. I continue to contend this is one of the best spots to eat in the resort. Irina had some delicious garlic prawns while I feasted on a fresh grilled fillet steak. 8) Just 50 euros with a couple of wines and beers. Mid-afternoon service is slower than it used to be evenings, but to be fair we were there between shifts. Still, definitely recommended.

Next up was Wildlife on One @ Gala Night, a party put on by several promoters at the old zoo that wasn’t a zoo in Benimussa near San An. We forgot to get directions before setting out from PdB and found that you DO NOT TURN AT THE BENIMUSSA SIGN as you drive from the direction of Ibiza Town. A call to Spotlight’s MiniMarc, who’d just arrived at the venue with his lovely missus, sorted us out. The place was quite empty when we got there between 6 and 7, despite having supposedly started at 4. We got some liters of sangria, a bottle of champagne, etc., and sat around chatting. Eventually, after 9, there was some dancing critical mass down at the Superfreq stage where Dollz at Play spun some very nice techno, had a nice chat with Mr C… but then the skies opened and the torrential rains sent people scrambling for cover. At this point, Irina lost the plot and began to give hours of lectures on life and love to poor, patient Spotlighter Utagaura :lol: They opened the inside nighttime venue an hour early and that was the best part of the vent. The sound at the 3 outdoor stages had been pathetic but inside was decent enough and the atmosphere was amazing with loads of friendly fun people. Jamie Jones gets 2 cool smilies 8) 8) for an amazing set despite being so under the influence he played through the next guy’s set time :lol: Overall a mixed bag but the evening ended well. You can definitely see the potential in the venue and I like that they had various bars, food stands, etc. outside.

--------- Thursday ---------
Determined to get some beach time, we set out in the direction of Cala Tarida – only to notice that the West coast was cloudy but it was clear in the East. Change of direction and we drove to Cala Llenya, a quiet little family-oriented beach with a nice beach shack that serves drinks and bocadillos. We got a sandwich and beers… and promptly passed out for a couple of hours in our loungers :lol: Too cold for Irina to swim anyway as the clouds moved in right after we arrived. Decided to cross the island to Cala Tarida anyway to check out a restaurant (they were closed) and found that the sun had come out :D Irina got some swimming in after all. Cala Tarida is a resort village with hotels in a village, set away from the bustle of Ibiza/PdB & San An. Seemed like a nice place.

For dinner, we drove a little down the coast to the well-known restaurant Es Boldado, located on a cliff at Cala d’Hort with gorgeous views of Es Vedra. I started with garlic prawns and Irina had a salad, which we followed with a 2-person order of Ibiceno fish stew. MMMmmm!!! Chunks of grouper, john dhory and potato in a saffron broth. Delicious, and a portion so huge even I couldn’t finish it. Bill including a small bottle of wine and a couple of beers was 95 euros plus tip. Did I mention the great views? Really nice restaurant.

Be @ Space with Danny Tegaglia was on tap for the evening. Met up with the crew again at Bora Bora then went to Space and was surprised to find out that the party started on the sunset terrace :D A short outdoor boogie then in to the terrace room which was the only part open for this party :confused: Danny T is up against a lot of big competition on Thursdays but I’m not sure why he isn’t kicking their butts. SET OF THE TRIP WINNER here :!: :!: I hadn’t seen Danny play in a while and forgot how good he is, mixing various styles so well you didn’t even notice, breaking out the mic and vocal effects, or waving his arms to the rhythm over the crowd with a pair of high-powered flashlights. The man is legend. And he was ably preceded by the good mister Wally Lopez. Best value for money too – just 15 eur entrance and more time & effort spent on decorations, dancers, costumes, effects, etc. than most other parties we attended combined. Best time I’ve had in Space in ages, although we nearly lost one of our crew to a catatonic state midway through the night… thankfully recovered later. :lol: Again, just full enough and not overpacked. Only complaint was we wanted more Danny! After-party minxiness at a friend’s apartment again before trudging home in unpleasantly bright daylight. :lol:

--------- Friday ---------
Another long lie-in for me while Irina went for a shopping and photography trip to Ibiza Town. I joined her there late afternoon for a walk around the harbor and Sa Penya (and a quick Burger King cheeseburger...mmm). I finally got around to buying (and spending an hour trying to put on :confused:) my annual holiday earring. 8)

Afterwards we went home, got ready, and gathered our crew for the night, which included meeting Spotlight’s WeLoveLiam@Space for the first time and meeting up with a newly-arrived friend from Moscow. Together, we all went to Pacha Restaurant for dinner. Irina had sushi, which was quite good. I had the lobster, which was tasty but somewhat difficult to pull apart and came without a nice butter dipping sauce of something of that sort. We probably had about an 80 euro bill for food for the 2 of us but the real bill was in the 150 range because we all downed several bottles of champagne :lol:.

Dinner at Pacha meant free entry to the club for Pure Pacha with Sander Kleinenberg and Axwell. I will admit this was probably my least favorite party of the trip as both Axwell (who I’d seen and enjoyed a week earlier in Moscow) and Sander appeared to “dumb down” their sets for Pure Pacha. It was like they were playing to the idea of what a Pacha crowd is supposed to enjoy instead of playing the best sets they could. Disappointing. But that’s not to say the music was bad just ok and we had a fun night out altogether so no more complaints.

--------- Saturday ---------
The weather was a little better so Irina insisted on a beach visit. This time, we went to the beach club Blue Marlin at Cala Jondal. Now, the beach itself is nothing to write home about – this end of Cala Jondal is small boulders instead of little pebbles like down at the Tropicana end, and the water is accessed by a little wooden walkway. But Blue Marlin is a really lovely place to lounge around on their beach chairs and beachside beds. Good drinks wait service on the beach and a chilled overall atmosphere. Nice tunes from a DJ as well.

After a couple of hours on the beach (and a small disco nap for me) we moved up into the Blue Marlin restaurant area and had an amazing meal. I tried the lamb with asparagus, a delicious juicy piece of meat cooked to perfection and served in a nice red wine jus. Irina had the gazpacho to start and then the tuna steak, also quite good and with a side of snow peas and other assorted vegetables. Very pleased with this meal. Left 100 euros including drinks.

Saturday night we met up with the gang at Bora Bora, this time with several more friends who’d arrived and also saw new Spotlighter MissFlorida and her crew for the first time. Thanks to Spotlighter I-Spy we’d gotten wind of a beach party at PK2 in S’Estanyol, so Irina, Meryl, Mark Sun and I headed in that direction. A man with a flashlight directed us to park on the access road an unfortunate distance from the beach, but an old Range Rover showed up and offered us a ride as we hiked down the trail. The man sitting next to me then asks, “are you John?”. As luck would have it, it was I-Spy himself :lol: We thought it’d be some speakers on the beach but this was a full-blown event with stage, lights, sound, etc. Really well done. Turns out the headliners, Groove Armada, were playing live and we only got there in time to hear the last couple of live songs before the DJ came on. Really great atmosphere, very “local” and we met lots of friendly people from the island. Had a little dance as well.

We dropped off Irina and the car off at the hotel and headed off to People from Ibiza @ Amnesia, where we all got in gratis thanks to the free entry bracelets floating around. Another good value night – solid straight-up house from residents Mar T and Les Schulz. I had expected the music to have a little more of a Balearic flair, and had kind of been looking forward to it, but the music on offer in both rooms was still quality house. A running theme this trip – the club was more or less full but no where near packed. Plenty of room to move around and dance. A different member of our gang provided entertainment by going into a catatonic state… which was fine for me because I needed a sit down at one point and found purpose in keeping him from falling off his seat :lol: Best part was trying to figure out which hotel we needed to get him back to :lol:

--------- Sunday ---------
There’s really only one thing to do on a Sunday, isn’t there? We Love @ Space was the main event for the day but we got a very late start, feasted on a couple of takeaway kebabs in the room, and only made it down there a little after 8pm :oops: (Irina had been up earlier and had gone out to the beach or the pool… she wasn’t too pleased with my lazy start :lol:). When we got there the Sunset Terrace had, apparently, just filled up and Alfredo soon came on to play a massive closing set :D Then we headed into the Terrace for DJ Hell (I wasn’t impressed. Kind of like hard techno, I guess) and Steve Lawler (I thought he played a decent early non-headliner terrace set). Then inside to the Discoteca for the main event – James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli. Great stuff. :D Danced my socks off. Quality techno/tech house/whatever. I think we went back to our friends’ apartment for afterparty drinks again although it’s a little blurry.

--------- Monday ---------
Another late start in the afternoon. Left Irina on Playa den Bossa and popped over to CircoLoco @ DC10. I got there around 6:30 and was surprised to find that the terrace was empty… last week it’d mostly filled up by then. Popped inside and found that the normally (at that hour) empty discoteca was packed. Couldn’t find a set list so I’m not sure who was playing but a little after 7 everyone was outside for the upcoming set by Timo Maas and it filled up almost instantly. I’d been extremely disappointed the past couple of times I saw Maas play but this time I’ve gotta say he really rocked the place :D A pleasant surprise and I put in a couple of hours of serious shape-throwing.

Had to get back to PdB by 10 to take Irina out to dinner. We were on our way to a nice place but had a random change of heart and ended up at Gran China 3 restaurant, the cheesy little Chinese place across from Garbi. Their food is nothing to write home about but it’s edible and the hot & sour soup really hit the spot. At 32 euros including several beers, soup, beef in spicy sauce, fish in spicy sauce, spring rolls and fried rice, I couldn’t fault the price.

This trip’s clubbing odyssey wouldn’t have been complete without the Cocoon Closing @ Amnesia. We went early to avoid the crowds and were inside by 11:30 or so. Sven Vath came on later in the main room and was in his usual fine form, while Luciano and Villalobos together again tearing up the terrace. :D :D :D That’s right… three smilies up! Had to spend time in both rooms and luckily had friends in each location. Basically this party was awesome. If I hadn’t had such a blast at Danny T and CircoLoco 10th, this would be the undisputed champion but as it is I have to lump them all together. We stayed until the death… I mean, until a security guard was actually corralling me out. They played until 8am. What a party. Hard to top, really. Hard to get a taxi home too, so thank god for Nostrum and his car! He saved us.

--------- Tuesday ---------
Last day, had to make it count. Irina rudely awakened me at noon after 2 hours sleep. I was not in good shape. Took her to Cala Tarida again and promptly passed out for a couple of hours. The rain came so we went back to the hotel where I slept some more while Irina popped out to the pool or beach or somewhere. As dinner time rolled around, we drove to the restaurant Cap des Falco for dinner. We’ve eaten there before and their food isn’t the most consistent but the location and views can’t be faulted. I had a lovely tagliatelle in Roquefort sauce to start while Irina had a pineapple carpaccio with tuna tartare. All very good. My tuna steak was a little more cooked than I wanted but came with a nice side of grilled vegetables. Irina’s baked fish wrapped in foil was delicious (but no side dish). With only a couple of drinks, somewhat pricey at 130 euros. We were pleased with our meals nonetheless.

From there we went back to the hotel. I packed up and then we put on some music and sat on the balcony finishing off our beer, smoking a cigarette, and saying goodbye to this lovely place. From there, it was to the airport and back to London for a day and Moscow that next night.

When we arrived at Cap des Falco earlier, we got there just in time to see the sunset. The clouds that haunted us this whole trip had gone away, and all the glorious colors of days end were in full view. Unlike when we’d been there in June, the sun sets over the sea instead of the hills behind Es Codolar. It was a gorgeous sight.8) I hid it from Irina, but I had tears in my eyes. Hell, I’m tearing up here just remembering it. :cry: Aside from witnessing this thing of amazing beauty while seated in the beautiful place, the sunset was like a metaphor for the end of our trip. The sun was setting on another visit to the place I sincerely believe is my spiritual home.

NO WORRIES… I’LL BE BACK :!: :D :twisted: 8)

For the Record

Length of stay: 9 days (last year, 14)
Nights out: 8 (last year, 10)
Parties attended: 11 (last year, 14)
Best parties: Danny T, CircoLoco 10th, Cocoon Closing
Best sets: Danny T, Luciano v Villalobos, Garnier (terrace), Sven, Jamie Jones
Worst sets: Axwell, Sander K (I know you can do better!)
Best Meal: tough one… I’ll say for meat, Blue Marlin, and fish, Es Boldado
Beaches Visited: 6 (although rain kept us from exploring 2)
Villages visited: 3 (although rain kept us from really exploring them)

2008 Average Spend: 325 eur/day
Every newbie's favorite question in the forum :) That’s total for 2 people. This is up from 290/day last year but I did NOT notice a substantial increase in prices that some have whined about. In fact, with the bracelets and flyers floating around you could his some very good nights (Danny T!) for very cheap. The exception is DC10, which bumped entry by 10 euros from last I visited, and without free drink now even when tickets purchased at the door. Overall, I put the increase down to me buying more mixed drinks (I normally stick to beer) and generally being less of a tightwad.
EDIT: Just realized that the fact that I was out 8 of 9 nights this trip, compared with 10 of 14 last time, would probably be the main reason for the difference in average daily spending.


Daytime Clubbing – I’m a night person so this was never the biggest thing for me. I stopped going to Space early in the morning 5 years ago (prefer to get some sleep and come in the afternoon) so the lack of afterparty doesn’t bother me either. The effects of the new daytime clubbing laws I saw were that DC10 filled up around 6 instead of 4, and We Love around 8pm instead of 4pm or 5. There’s still a bit of daylight, still some outdoor dancing (which I enjoy). You know what? I’m really just not that bothered. And I have respect for the people of Ibiza who wanted to see some changes. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that the pendulum swings and down the road, when everyone’s following the rules, maybe the rules will get relaxed again or some new licensing regime will come into play. But these laws are certainly no excuse to diss the island or proclaim its death. If Ibiza is dead, I have no idea how I just had such an amazing friggin’ party trip.

Bora Bora – OK, now I’ll admit, Bora Bora has changed. I strongly disagree with those who say the numbers are down… sure, they were, a little bit, but no more than anywhere else. The difference I noticed is that everyone was dancing inside the glass enclosed area. Used to be pretty empty in there when people were outside bouncing on tables, but the weather was wet and chilly for much of my trip so I don’t think this necessarily reflects a cardinal change in the venue. I’d like to see it again in the summer heat to pass judgment. I didn’t spend an afternoon there but anyway I’ll make the point that the 4:30 start time for cranking up the music is very little changed from how it always was. Also, I noticed absolutely none of the heavy security presence that’s been rumored. We had a good boogie in there for a couple of minutes on Saturday night. I think Bora Bora still lives, for now…

The Crowds - Numbers were definitely down this year. I know the doom and gloomers like to point to the daytime party rule, but I think the whining about that has been far bigger than the effect. I would point to more concrete and, quite frankly, logical factors - the pound's depreciation vis-a-vis the Euro deterring the Brits, the poor weather deterring Spaniards from quick trips, and the economic crisis that, while just now hitting the news on a daily basis, has already been going on for many for a year (just ask anyone in the City of London).

Law Enforcement - Didn't see it. Really. All these stories of heavy handed police presence? Not sure what people are talking about. I saw one search point, set up at a table in the parking lot outside DC10 but it was so well organized that I think the club invited them to win points with the powers-that-be. I was never searched other than a pat down for cameras by security at Space. (That said, I don't believe the stories are myth... I did notice people being a lot more careful. Has heavy-handedness earlier in the season therefore had a desired effect? Perhaps so...)

Weather – Commitments in June means it’s probably September for us again next year, but we might make it earlier in the month rather than right at the end. The weather was the one blight on an otherwise magical visit. I think (hope?) that, with better weather, we would have explored the island more as has been custom in recent visits… looking forward to more of that next year.

After-Effects – Irina got that famous Ibiza flu. I’m fine except for an occasional brain flash (until I drink a beer :lol:). Really surprised my knees are still holding up. Oh, and I lost weight on the island… 1 kg!


Thanks to all our friends who kept us company throughout and made this trip the joy it was. I’ll use your online names to protect the innocent. :lol: - Utagaura, Barbie & Tom, Nostrum, Mark Sun, Grego, Cookie, Dan X, Lena from Moscow, and Ferd & Tam, Copperband, and their crew. And super DJ Stu Hirst! Really, great to see you all again and hope to see you again soon.

And truly an honor and a privilege to have had an opportunity to meet some more of you!! - MiniMarc & Caz, Nostrum’s better half (and if she’s better then him, you know she’s great!), WeLoveLiam@Space and Si, I-Spy, Cookie’s friend Carli, the wonderfully alive Nancy and her husband, DanishDynamite & his girlfriend, and my countrywoman MissFlorida and her crew. Oh, and CrazyCanuck… thanks for The Story that shall be retold ad infinitum ;)And that guy Nelson from the Gala Night party....don't know if you'll ever see this but cheers to you sir.

Special thanks to Utagaura for being my unstoppable party buddy through the whole trip. A true pleasure working with you, miss! Nostrum for all your help… not sure what we’d have done without you. Babs for morning wine and beer. And I-Spy for all your insight (good luck on your travels!)

Hope I didn’t forget anyone… if so, sorry!!!

And very special thanks to Ibiza Spotlight for getting us into the new-improved (and slightly pricier) Hotel Garbi at their exclusive discounted rates even though the online system said there were no more rooms at that price. And they didn't do this especially for Morbyd, whom they all know... some nice lady on the Spotlight hotline did it for some random caller named John. Spotlight rules!

Until next year!!!
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:eek: Do you note everything john or just have an amazing memory ? 8)

Great in depth review, covers a huge amount of the island. This should be kept bumped up for all the Ibiza doubters. I'm with you, Ibiza is still AMAZING, yeah it's changed, but everything changes.

It was great meeting and partying with you guys. I look forward to doing it again in the future 8) Si said the other day how our dinner at Pacha was like a scene from a James Bond Movie, all we needed was a white cat :lol: He sends his regards !!

Hopefully see you in Moscow in the not too distant future !!
Honestly, Morbyd, this was one of the best reviews I read in this forum. The words you're using, the subtile humour and the delicate description of all the nice meals you were having... You made me smile for the rest of the afternoon, or at least, until my next class at university starts 8)8)8) So that, one day, I will be able to fly to Russia and be able to read and understand Russian :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Liam - I'm telling you, the it's the Island. I'm convinced Ibiza is the inspiration for Lost! They set the show in the S. Pacific so that people wouldn't realize it.

Normally, I can't remember what I've done today. In Ibiza, I remember it all if I try hard enough :lol:

To be honest, I did make a one line note in my phone every day. The day I met you was: "Fri - long lie in, afternoon in Ibiza Town. dinner at Pacha then Pure Pacha".

That dinner was a bit surreal... An American, a Canadian, 2 Russians, 2 Brits from Spain... remind me... what were we conspiring about? :lol:

Bethel - thanks for the kind words.
That dinner was a bit surreal... An American, a Canadian, 2 Russians, 2 Brits from Spain... remind me... what were we conspiring about? :lol:


World domination I think, I was a little pi$$ed though :lol:
Absolutely perfect review and i too think there is something so wonderful and magical about the island. Where else can you dance continuously for up to 12 hours without feeling complete and utter exhaustion. Sometimes i think the amazing music there is a form of mind control!! I danced so much at Matinee closing that i broke a bone in my foot, but i didn't care, i just carried on. Can't wait for the 2009 closing parties :)
Wonderful review - feel like I was there - even though we left the day you arrived.

Would be great to meet you all next year, love the passion for Ibiza! :)
Great review, thanks so much for sharing the memories and the insights !

I agree with you on so many points - Ibiza still rocks and is definitely my spiritual home. Spent the summer there with the kids while hubbie worked (he is a dj!) and I took 6 week sabbatical, was so wonderful. Met so many great people and had such good times...

Hope to meet you out there some time :D
john, i feel awful for not making the effort to see more of you (and meryl) whilst you were here. but then i think back and i remember that the work+kids combo was still going strong until a couple of days before you left. after which time i did see you sat night and sunday (which was fun!)......we need to make more concrete plans next time

until then Друг. :)
HDR and long-name-beginning-with-s (;)), thanks and hope to catch you out there next year as well.

Grego - No worries, mate. I had this idea of popping by one day to say hi to your missus and the kids but never could get my act in gear in the afternoons. Something to look forward to... you still owe me a coffee and/or beer (oh, and 50 euros! :lol:). Still, very glad we got to chat. I'll be picking your brain more in the future ;)
Fab reading - really enjoyed our pre/during/post clubbing minxiness :lol::D
I must say we do have very complimentary party styles and I fear even our music tastes coincide more than I'd previously thought :lol: Honestly, one of the highlights was our post-clubbing sessions so definitely must do that again soon!
I must say we do have very complimentary party styles and I fear even our music tastes coincide more than I'd previously thought :lol: Honestly, one of the highlights was our post-clubbing sessions so definitely must do that again soon!

You do realise you're going to be kidnapped next time you're in London don't you :eek::lol:;)
morbs - absolutely great review! was lots of fun to party with you (and utagaura! and the rest of the gang!) again. must finally book a flight to london soon and coordinate it wisely with you guys!
HDR and long-name-beginning-with-s (;)), thanks and hope to catch you out there next year as well.

Grego - No worries, mate. I had this idea of popping by one day to say hi to your missus and the kids but never could get my act in gear in the afternoons. Something to look forward to... you still owe me a coffee and/or beer (oh, and 50 euros! :lol:). Still, very glad we got to chat. I'll be picking your brain more in the future ;)

yikes! do you accept amex??!!:lol: