Money Query......


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I am heading to Ibiza for the first time this weekend. Cant wait, really looking forward to it.

Have a query about money etc I am bringing about 250 euros in cash , but am not sure about cash cards etc.

I have a flexi account with the nationwide, a current account with halifax and my dreaded credit card!!!!!

Will each of these cards work in Ibiza? I'm told the only one I wont get charged on is the Nationwide card.

Finally in case of emergencies, can I withdraw cash from my Credit Card via ATM's in Ibiza?

Any advice will be most appreciated....

use your nationwide card at all one to use.all other cards are fine to get money out(but they will charge you)..your ok for other card for emergencies..

i take my nationwide card two more just in case of emergencies

max draw out is 300 suro.s a day.always press euros when asked not gb pounds
Nationwide for me as well when i go nxt week ..... got a nationwide account a few year back for Oz and havent bothered about trav cheques or currency anywhere ive went since ...... Nationwide Rules in this dept ;)
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