Miss Moneypennies


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Hey has anyone been there yet this year, I have a soft spot for miss moneypennies, maybe thats cause of the lovely miss moneypenny girls that walk about promoting the night ;]

I also managed to get a poster from one of the blokes putting the posters up everywhere, in fact I normally manage to get posters from various nights this way!
My friends who work in ibiza went to the openning, said it was good but they just stayed on the terrace/in the vip bit all the time though :rolleyes:
I went to garlands opening night until midnight and then moved onto miss moneypennies straight after. I thought it was ok, but everyone else in my party thought it was awful. The one thing I did pick up on was that there were a hell of a lot of pretentious people there. Most of them were mincing around and generally getting in the way. I don't think that danny rampling was at his best either. Shame really cause I really wanted to see joey negro the week after and after that night noone from my party would go back to moneypennies. :rolleyes:
Went last year and considered it extremely average :confused:

Hoping to do El Divino this year for Defected on Sunday after Space terrace - and possibly on to DC10 :eek: