ministry of sound question


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Hi guys...been doin the club scene on and of for 13yrs or so and need the the low down on the best nights at mainly into funky house...hard house ....trance ...basically anything that is ibiza feeling....for all the clubs ive been to abroad iv never done ministry....whats the best nights to go............I need to try and convince my girl to go otherwise I may end up venturing out there on my tod....
...also do people from this forum sometimes meet up to go there....

cheers for the help guys....
Do you mean Ministry in London??

I somehow end up there most wkends :p First Saturday of month is Defected - always a good night, second wkend is Rulin - funky as funk, third wkend is Future - bit hard and trancey for my liking but is meant to be good night if you're into all that and last wkend of month is Soul Heaven - was there on Saturday for Danny Krivit :D

Really like the layout of club, the Box is awesome and the sound system is mad, the Bar is fab tho as well esp when everyone starts dancing on the bar at 4am in the morning :D