Mindblowing Underground Music Variants__looking for'em!!!



Well, that's what I am defntly into...something on the abrasive, anarchic side under the genre I would classify as underground music variants!!!
I am not much interested in the popular underground stuff, which should be renamed as overtheground now!!! That's to say, I am on the edge after so many years of dedication to the underground music stuff...

I am more into some sort of Minimal Techno that can make you go crazy, like the PARANOID DANCER of JOHANNES HEIll....or some edgey stuff from HEIKO LAUX, uplifting trancey minimal techno from Alexander Kowalski...

...or we may go a bit deeper in the name of marginality and stop over by JOHN B, TEE BEE, CAUSE4CONCERN,KILLA B, KEMAL, HIGH CONRAST, KLUTE for the new drum and bass stuff...

...shall we take into consideration the KOXBOX and INFECTED MUSHROOM too!!!

I am more interested in the edgey stuff, the unknown parts of so far known!!!

Dancable IDM like some early workz of APHEX TWIN and other REFLEX crewz..."It's time to obey" sessions of Squarepusher under heavy rain with heart-crushing deep bass lines...

Or some electornique noir or beat-based electronica...

Dont mention me sasha, oakey, tiesto, digweed (I have to admit, bedrock foundations was a masterpieces), tenaglia...

I am looking for things like that!

Do I have any chance to feed up my thirst in IBIZA?...or, would you reckon me and my ideas and wishes to be discarded in the most disgusting trashcan and cover it with some squelch? :))

Just brainstorming...yeah! thats what you are stuck with most of the time!
Neven, I know exactly what you mean.
Squelchy, yeah, I'm all edgey now myself!

You won't get any of that here though - it's just kids' stuff in Ibiza.
Sorry but we all have to make a buck (well, a lot of bucks) at somebody's expense)

hasta la pasta
dj biff...yeah, i appreciate that, esp nowdays when the world is experiencing a big economic turmoil...expecting the unexpected became something usual!!!

thnx for the honest reply!!! hope u make the bucks...