Merlyn Martin San Diego Sessions - Vol.2 Red (side b) 1996


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Merlyn Martin San Diego Sessions - Vol. 2 Red (side b) 1996


Hello all Merlyn Martin here from the Subdivisions Global Podcast / Hazardous Radio in Los Angeles. I am proud to present to you The San Diego Sessions Vol. 2 - Red (side b) 1996. This Volume is a digital conversion of my mix tape from 1996 called DJ Merlyn "Red". The enclosed recording is side B of the second promotional tape from a 3 part series of Progressive House/Acid Trance tapes called Blue, Red, and White.

These mixes are important to me due to the fact that they tell several stories. I feel the mixes and accompanied art work show how a DJ can be artists with varying musical styles. These mixes represent where I personally was at musically in 1996, and where the underground music scene in San Diego and Los Angeles was at. The San Diego Sessions is a small 5 year window in my 20+ years of DJing. "Blue, Red, and White" represent a 2-3 year period.

Please read back story:

In 1996 I was a rotating resident DJ at an after-hours event in San Diego called Romperoom. This club was special in the regard that the people who attended in hind sight were very open minded. This crowd would let you play hard banging Acid Trance, Goa, with some progressive house mixed in for measure and not skip a beat. The crowd could vary on any given night, they would look commercial and conservetive, but shock you by showing you that they could take more, that they wanted more, they wanted the music harder, faster. It was truly the first place where I could see that boundaries are what we make them. Many nights you would be shocked to find out the guy partying next to you was a Doctor, the other guy an Executive for a large business firm, a TV actor, a Raver, Candy Kid, of course college kids, and Club Girls and all their beauty co-existing for one cause to dance their ass's off to the best music!

There was 1000-2000 copies of the DJ Merlyn "Red" cassette which were circulated locally in the San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as nationally. All I will ask is the same thing I asked 12 years ago when I would hand the tape to anyone who would take it "if you don't like what you hear, than please give it to someone who might"!




Check out - for other DJ mixes from Merlyn Martin/djmerlyn. Keep checking back for Merlyn Martin San Diego Sessions containing old djmerlyn techno/trance mixes from the 90's Afterhours/Raves, San Diego Romperoom, and Los Angeles Insomnia days.
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This mix is will be available as a podcast through the itunes music store soon. please feel free to check it out, as well as the Merlyn Martin "Subdivisions" podcast series featuring the ever changing progressive sounds of Techno.

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Track Listing: Side B

Artist, Track, Label

Starburst - "Razors Edge" - White Label - U.K
Troop - "Home Coming" - Noom Rec
LSG - "Lunar Orbit" - Superstition Rec
Commander Tom - "Are am I?" - Noom Rec
Epic - "Driver" - Aurora Rec
Cores - "Emmalisha" - Noom Rec
Yum Yum - "Feel Me Now" - Sperm Rec
The Mackenzie - "With Out You" -Mackenzie Rec