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I haven't noticed any set meeting point for 2003 yet, so I thought I would go ahead and ask if anyone has any suggestions. I noticed that you guys had set days and times at certain places throughout the summer last year so that everyone could meet up regardless of when they were going and not have to message back and forth trying to decide on when and where. I thought that looked like a great idea, and I am thinking we should do that again this summer. I don't have any suggestions myself since this will be my first time to Ibiza. What do you guys think?
It doesn't matter that you'll be there in July if we decide on the same meeting place on the same day and time each week for the whole summer so that anyone who wants to can go to meet others from this forum who happen to be there at the same time. Too bad we can't all be there at the same time, but this way, whoever is there at the same time will know where to go and what time no matter what. See? :)
Thats an awesome Idea... Love to make a meeting point but I have never been. There should be a meeting point that is the same spot every year, that way you can just go there. No worries abotu checking the board. But I mean I guess not checking isnt a problem bacause this kinda becomes addicting! lol.
i remember trying to do this last year but you know what its like when your actually in ibiza!

but i ll try harder this year, especially as im staying at jet apts where meeting at Bora Bora could be easily acheived!
Meeting point

Bora Bora sounds like a good place to meet. Im going to be there on Tue 16th July after a night at manumission and space carry on. Thats the plan anyway! :D :D :D :D
Where exactly is Bora Bora in relation to Vara de Rey? I'm staying at a hostel right next to Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town. Bora Bora sounds like a good place to meet up probably. Yes/No?
Bora Bora is on the beach in Playa Den Bossa (just over the road from Space) a few minutes by cab or a bit of a hike (30min?) by foot.
Yes, I think we should all agree on Bora Bora as the official meeting place. Now we just have to decide on a day and time that can remain the same throughout the summer for everyone to show up to meet others from spotlight. Any ideas?
Deal, Why dont we Have Bora Bora as the meeting spot for, well I guess ever! lol, or at least for the next 3-5 years. Just so that anytime a member wants to go there and meet someone off this forum, they tie a band around their arm and yeah... good to go. You know what I mean.. the thing is, Shouldnt there be a specific colour for the bands, I would think that would be a good thing. Just me though.
We should have meetings at Bora Bora on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7pm. If anyone thinks that another day would be better, go ahead and say it because like I said before, I don't really know what would be best since this will be my first time. I don't think the color of the band should matter, but if you think it would help we could decide on something. My favorite color is blue, but black might be a better choice.
Bora-Bora Mondays and Wednesdays between 5-7, sounds great!!! I think we should decide the colour of the band, so we could easily see each other.

Anna :)
meeting up

8) bora bora sounds good to me.

any one go to the sunset strip( mambo'. cafe del mar).
what about this as a meeting point.

sunset between 4pm to 6pm depending on the month you are their.
finding people


must be something, a peice of clothing we could all ware to spot each other
a hat, sticker some thing like that.

any one got any ideas'

ksixty9 said:

must be something, a peice of clothing we could all ware to spot each other
a hat, sticker some thing like that.

any one got any ideas'

I am sure we can find something....