Meeting new people? / Sticking with mates? What do you do?



I've been to Ibiza twice now and with the same two mates. They are both great guys and close mates, but when I go out there I enjoy meeting new people, in fact I thinks its part of the whole enjoyment of the white isle.

The problem is both my mates aren't great on the social front and like us to stick together like glue which sometimes really annoys me when I just wanna go off and dance on my own and talk to different groups of people then reconvene later on (Especially when I'm feeling the vibe and music in clubs like Pacha and space with the help of some special ingredients) .I wouldn't mind if they came with me and made the effort but they just stand around like background furniture. Totally Weak! :(

What should I do? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone out there when I'm out there that wanna meet up?
a few drinks always makes it easy...but a FEW is the code here, nothing more uncharming than blokes coming up really drunk and start bothering you! hihi
i always chat whilst q´ing in the clubs - whenever im waiting for my meals with the peole next to us or wherever really - as long as the guys dont stare at my boobs all the time, then its cool! so watch the drinks and watch where the eyes are wandering, if youre speaking to the opposite sex
ibiza girlie,

I wasn't talking about chatting up girls. I was talking about meeting new people in general, male/ female from other places in the world.

Thats what I love about the place. Everyone on the same vibe.
i know darling!
I was just saying that im the same way, i chat with a lot of lads in ibiza, but seems like a lot of guys just wanna chat if they can pull....a clear sign to friendlyness is to seem like an honest and fun person to be with.
I always go along with a crowd if i feel safe around the guys im with....knowing that they just want a good time and not a one-on-one with me....
guys to guys is a dif. thing, cant answer that - im just saying: if you wanna speak to girls out of pure fun and with no hidden agendas then just mind a few things as some girls are always suspiscious of "friendy" guys. ok?
Honestly, I think you should really just do your thing. I mean, assuming you're all adults... you're not responsible for their happiness/enjoyment/entertainment. It would be different I think if there was just you and one of them, but if they want to be sticks in the mud, they can do that together -- it's not like you're leaving them alone, open to the elements and vultures and pirates and all.
Plus, it's your holiday as well. If you cater to their needs, all you're going to wind up doing is getting bitter.
If they aren't cool with doing your own thing, that's not really your problem, is it?
Who knows... they might follow your lead????

You dont need to be together every minute. Just lose them for a while (i dont mean that in a bad way) and go exploring, dancing, walk-about, whatever, by yourself for a while. I'm sure they wont mind if they dont see you for a bit. The atmosphere might encourage it. :D
its also easy to meet people, cuz their in Ibiza like you: open to new ideas and to meet new openminded people! so have fun!
im off to ibiza this summer with me, plus one of my glamorus mates (as pete tong would say :D ), and im looking forward to us two sticking together and making new friends!

i've always said that you'll often meet some of the nicest people in the world when you are out, and about in clubland! :D
No matter who I'm with theres nothing I like more than wandering off to explore and chat to people...Ive always been like that but its particularly good fun when I'm in a :rolleyes: groove ;)
yes know the feel

i have been to ibiza now 5 times this year is 6.

the 3rd 4th and 5th time i wen with a friend who was like yours

the last time ws the final straw we fell out big time adn no longer speak.

i am a very socialalbe person, and i liek my clubbing and dancing.

this year i am going with 2 of the wall head case. we have all agreed if we want to we can do are own thing.. and neither of us minds.

just tell your mates what your plans are they can either come with adn enjoy or do what they want to is your holiday after all..
Go for a piss that lasts .....say about 3-4 hours...........the lads will get the hint and join in the fun after that.
just wander off - simple as that!

I always do anyway regardless if I intended to or not!!!

Maybe that's because I'm a space cadet to be fair!