Meeting new people ?/ Sticking with friemnds?.. what to do?



I've been to Ibiza twice now and with the same two mates. They are both great guys and close mates, but when I go out there I enjoy meeting new people, in fact I thinks its part of the whole enjoyment of the white isle.

The problem is both my mates aren't great on the social front and like us to stick together like glue which sometimes really annoys me when I just wanna go off and dance on my own and talk to different groups of people then reconvene later on (Especially when I'm feeling the vibe and music in clubs like Pacha and space with the help of some special ingredients) .I wouldn't mind if they came with me and made the effort but they just stand around like background furniture. Totally Weak! :(

What should I do? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone out there when I'm out there that wanna meet up?