me and mate going to ibiza 31st aug to sep 14th



hello were two males from england seeking to meet up with as many people as we can so if u fancie meeting up with us and haveing it large and lots of drinking drop me a line
Hi me and my mate julie will; be there 28th augu - 7 sep.
Where r u staying at???

Emma xxx
were staying in the la priara i think thats how u spell it but if u fancie meeting up we can arange a bar or something be good to meet up with u and ur friend

Emma xx
yep were in san an were staying wright in the west end so as u can emagon were not going to get much sleep be out clubing all night and that as i say will have to name a bar and time and then we can meet up and have a good time together
coooooooooooool !!!!

We're staying in the Mar Amantis round the bay in san an - PLEASE come round (or I'll come round to yours) for a meet up - gonna be wicked!!!!!!!!

SO pleased you guys are going!

This holiday is gonna ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James - please SMS me on 07799 038836 whilst out there !
yeah that would be cool to meet up let u know bit neara the time
hello emma time is getting near now ware do u want to meet up? and what day

So are u staying san an???

Well we could meet up in Kilties bar on say sat 31st????
yeah were staying in san an are hotel is right in the west end we dont get out there till 2am cus our flight is at 22:30 on the 31st so we could meet on the 1st ware is that bar that u siad about?
its getting so near now i can hear the nose emma how does meeting in that bar sound on the 2nd of sep and any other people that want to join us leave a mes on here and ill get back to you plus any old skool people theres a masive event on the 2nd of sep that were going to so if u like vibes and the ratpack come and have a wicked night
Yip the 2nd sep is fine @ kilties up the west end!
What time? Have u got a pic so i know who u r??
i have a pic of me and my mate goto the first pic on the page is me and my mate im the one to the right hand side of the pic with the very short hair

we could meet about 19:00 if thats ok if u want to meet any erly just say looking forward to meeting u both
sorry freestyler but i've only got four days ta go and three of them are weekenders if ya know what i mean :lol:

mind you when i'm back and feeling a little dodgy you'll be in full swing :cry: