mc hammer remix


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Hey i just been watching sets off and i was watchign dj gee at bora bora and the second track is the music from mc hammers "can't touch this" all funked up with a different vocal over the top, I tried shazam already but no luck there, so does anyone know what this is?
Kiss 100 in London have been playing a mash up of Mc Hammer's U Can't Touch This and Armand Van Helden's Phunk Phenomenon for the past coupl eof weeks. Not sure if it is out on promo though?
nah don't think thats it i would have recognised that

don't think its new from the tracks played i think the stream if from 2001 maybe playing stuff like silicon soul - right on right on
it could well be i will check it out

*edit, nope right riff but wrong vocal, so any other ideas, or if someone is off to bora bora soon they could ask DJ Gee ;]